Developing Our Individuality Should Be Our Core Value

Do “the needs of the many,” really outweigh “the needs of the few?”  We have concluded that the development of our individuality should be at the forefront of everything we engage in, and not the development of the group, or the structures erected to protect and perpetuate the group. This may seem selfish at first, but there is an important nuance that most people miss when making this judgment. For example, our sexuality and creative flow should serve our relationships, which in turn serves and supports our individuality, but right now, many people serve their sexuality, and their relationships, and those within them, serve their sexuality too. Our sexuality is not us, just as our relationships are not us, they are a tool that must be harnessed in service to our growth and evolution as conscious individuals. You could switch out the concept of sexuality with that of eating food, where many people eat to serve their appetites, and their relationships and financial flow also serves their vice, rather than allowing their appetites to serve their body’s health, which in turn supports their individual growth and development, and then ultimately supports their relationships, family, and community in a feedback loop.

Unhealthy examples:

  1. Our individuality serves our relationships.
  2. Our individuality serves our lusts. Lusts could mean a lust for sexual gratification, food, alcohol, buying things, relationships, etc. Lust consumes.
  3. Our individuality serves greed. Greed could imply a desire to hoard commodities, such as sexual partners, food, money, things, possessions, etc. Greed hoards.
  4. Our individuality serves our business, customers, or job.
  5. Our individuality serves our community.
  6. Our individuality serves our governments.

Healthy examples:

  1. Relationships serves our individuality.
  2. Sexuality and creative flow serves our individuality and relationships.
  3. Our financial success supports our individuality and relationships.
  4. Our business or job serves our individuality.
  5. Our community serves our individuality.
  6. Our governments serves our individuality.

In an unhealthy relationship, each partner may have some selfish needs that they are serving, and in turn they form a mutually beneficial relationship where each serves the other’s lust or greed, thinking that they’re serving their partner, when in all actuality, they’re serving a want or need that has enslaved the individual.   For example, a person with an addiction serves their addiction, and everyone around them ends up also serving their addiction, thinking that they are serving the individual’s needs or wants, when in fact they are not. This is a typical “deal with the devil”, such as taking out a mortgage to buy a home, as there are terms that each side of the contract must abide by in their long term relationship.

We made some flowcharts to help you better understand the dynamic at play here.

Our Individuality Serves Structures: The individual serves their relationship contract, which in turn serves and supports the selfish and unselfish needs of each individual within the relationship, including their base needs such as sexual, financial, and material. Each individual and their relationship in turn serves their familial, corporate, communal, societal, and governmental structures, depending on their position within the hierarchy. The supported and nurtured groups in turn feeds back to perpetuate dependent individuals who are in debt to their partners, familial, corporate, communal, society, and governmental structures, to varying degrees. The individual’s Will is enslaved to their sexual, financial, and material needs and wants, as well as to the various structures and their positioning within the overall hierarchy. (See graphic below.)

Structures Serves Our Individuality: Sex, money, creativity, familial, corporate, communal, societal, and governmental structures serves and nurtures the relationship, which in turn serves and nurtures each individual.  The supported and nurtured individuality of each person in turn feeds back to create a healthy and thriving familial, corporate, communal, societal, and governmental structures. Each individual experiences the liberty to self-determine their lives, since their sexual, financial, and material drives, as well as the various structures and their specific functions, serves their growth and evolution as unique beings distinct from the collective identity. (See graphic below.)


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