Do you act to become, or do you act because you are?

Do you act to become, or do you act because you are?

This is more than a subtle distinction, but a radically different perspective that determines the quality of your life. Acting to become is attempting to do something to be something that you are not already, however, acting because you are is performing actions from a place of awareness and self-knowledge, because you are already it, and now it is time to experience it. The former is acting in the hopes that the being in the mirror will change when the mirror changes, while the latter is allowing the mirror to reflect back who you already are.

Many people act it, so that they will feel that they are it, in the hopes that they can perceive that they are it, however, you must first perceive that you are it, so that you will feel that you are it, and only then will  you act upon it. The former provides diminishing returns, is entropic, and causes resistance, and if you stop acting you will stop being, but the latter is easy, effortless, and expansive, as you always are it, whether or not you are experiencing the manifestation or acting upon it. While the ability to act can be taken away, who you are will always remain.

Do you act in your business to become successful, or are you successful therefore you act in your business? Do you exercise to be healthy and beautiful, or are you healthy and beautiful and therefore you choose to exercise? Do you have sex because you are aroused and satisfied, or do you have sex in the hopes of becoming aroused and satisfied? Are you in a relationship to prove that you are a good partner, or are you a good partner and therefore have a relationship? Do you have friends and other relationships to feel connected, or do you have friends and other relationships because you are connected?

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  1. Jaq says:

    Great post this is so true.. I have been around a lot of successful entrepreneurs whom very openly talk about the counterfeit law of attraction and teach the “fake it till you make it” strategy.. something that I personally tried before I entred into the process. However I found it always came crashing down which zaps the energy because it is an outside in.. great post:) what are your thoughts on Bruice Lipton?

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