Finding Meaning in our Magical Words

Words are the magic spells we use, based on the meanings we attribute to them, to speak into existence our experiences, and this can be observed the most in our self-talk, and how we speak to ourselves and those around us. Just look at the words that are homonyms to learn the secret behind our words, for we cast spells with our words when we spell them, and we perform magical rites with our words when we write them out.

Unfortunately, many of the liberating words have been distorted to mean things that will enslave us, where the pre-state of a concept has been intentionally confused with the trans-state of a concept, which is the pre/trans fallacy. Therefore it is incumbent upon us to refine and make distinctions in our understanding of the various concepts, by distinguishing between the various versions and meanings of the words used to describe them. The clarifications that we generate between the wheat and the chaff contained within important words and concepts allows us to detangle the knots that block our personal liberation. When we then speak words that we have refined our understanding of, through becoming intimate with their trans-state meanings, it allows us to create a more meaningful and joyful life.

Here are some examples of words that have experienced a pre/trans distortion:

love, unity, ego, liberal, compassion, individuality, wisdom

The refinement of our words usually coincides with the personal development of our consciousness, especially through self-reflection, processing our emotional upsets, and the fine tuning of our masculine and feminine aspects. These integral processes deepen our self-awareness, and thus deepen our understanding of the words that we use, and the meanings we ascribe to them. Deepening our understanding of the meanings found within the words we use on a regular basis goes hand in hand with experiencing a life of meaning.

We’re always casting spells with our self-talk and the words we speak and write to others—we might as well become conscious of them, discover their deeper meanings, and use them in a more intentional manner.

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