The Seventh Hermetic Principle of Gender

male-and-female-are-not-a-polarity-2Are masculine and feminine a polarity pair, or something different that each contains a polarity pair? Stating that a man or woman is a typical polarity is akin to stating that the earth is a polarity. The earth has a North and South pole, just as each individual human has a North and South pole, but depending on a person’s gender, is reversed. A man’s north magnetic polarity is his genitals (+) and his south magnetic polarity is his heart (-), while a woman’s north magnetic polarity is her heart (+) and her south magnetic polarity is her genitals (-). The synthesis then occurs within each person’s body between their two poles, but it’s reflected back by the other gender’s corresponding pole.

A male’s north magnetic pole’s answers (+) are a mirror of a female’s north magnetic pole’s answers (+), and the reverse is also true, while the male’s south magnetic pole’s questions (-) are a mirror of a female’s south magnetic pole’s questions (-), and the reverse is also true. The quality of our questions and answers are a vibrational match to one another, and thus we are able to see all of our pureness and impurities through our interactions with one another. Intimately understanding the Hermetic laws of correspondence, vibration, polarity, and gender, is essential to bridging the gap between the two genders in one’s own life and experience, as it will allow them to co-create harmoniously together.


It is important to realize that gender is NOT a typical polarity, as it contains two polarities within it; the only difference is the direction that their leads are pointing (+,- or -,+). In a circuit with two AA batteries in it, one will point one direction, while the other will point the opposite direction; gender works the same way here on earth. So, just as it is incorrect to state that a AA battery is a polarity, gender is also not a typical polarity. The 4th hermetic Principle covers polarity, and the 7th Hermetic Principle covers gender; they are two distinct principles.

For those who might say that gender doesn’t work this way in other realms, or maybe even doesn’t exist, I remind them of the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence, which speaks of the various realms having concepts that correspond, but are connected by what is known in computer lingo as “data mapping”. Gender “here” maps to a corresponding variable “there”, even if it is not the exact same thing — it still corresponds.  Also, the Hermetic Principle of Gender clearly states that “gender manifests on all planes”.


For further context, the four of the seven Hermetic Principles being discussed in this are:
2. Hermetic Principle of Correspondence – As above, so below, as below, so above.
3. Hermetic Principle of Vibration – Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.
4. Hermetic Principle of Polarity – Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites.
7. Hermetic Principle of Gender – Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.


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