Genders, Rights and Freedom of Speech

I find Professor Jordan Peterson a refreshing breath of fresh air, as he is able to articulate multilogical perspectives, avoid getting baited by motivated and/or biased reasoning, and hold a rational discourse free from being argumentative.  I’ve watched more than a few of his lectures and interviews now, and am grateful that he is speaking up for truth in the face of Marxist political rhetoric.  I also appreciate that he has no problems with individuals who do not define themselves according to societal or traditional norms, and that he is able to converse with them in an open ended, multilogical dialogue.  As with most Marxists, it is either their flawed way or NO way, but Jordan Peterson rightly points out that the Marxist way is invasive, forceful, and will further erode our liberties.  These new gender “hate” laws are a direct assault on the seventh Hermetic principle of natural law, and are meant to further confuse and enslave the masses.

What is this all about?  Personal pronouns have changed?  Check out this video by Truthstream Media, which details the new personal pronouns that they are inserting into our society by force:

In the last video, Professor Jordan Peterson and Theryn Meyer (a male by birth who successfully transitioned to female) hold a reasonable discussion together, and I’m sure that they both learn from it too.  This is precisely the type of dialogues that we must continue to have on issues, and unfortunately, most of the new gender laws, especially those that deal with pronoun speech, will silence the discussion.  While dialogical conversations will promote the synthesis of truth, all hate speech laws seeking to force people to use new personal pronouns will promote further delusion and tyranny, and cause us to descend further into falsehood.

What it boils down to is this, when you gain your identity from a group, and try to protect each group legally, it becomes a slippery slope where there is no end to the types of groups that now must be recognized and protected, and the confusion that will arise because of all of the new laws supposedly protecting each new identity type. To the philosophers and mystics, it has always been about the growth of the individual, and treating each person as a unique being, and dealing with them accordingly.  We need to leave the safe confines of group identity, develop our inner sense of identity, and reclaim our personal and individual sovereignty — this is where our true power lies.


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