GMO Mysticism

gmo-apple-mysticismThe deceiver’s have made it quite difficult for those who choose to awaken to progress, via hijacking the terminology, names, and stories of the mystic paths and crafting elaborate copies, which we see now as the world’s religions. Beyond that though, even the mystical paths have copies, so now terms such as unity, gnosis, understanding, logic, wisdom, shadow work, wholeness, empowerment, archons, alchemy, transformation, Tantra, sacred sexuality, community, and even Hermetics have been clouded with static. They create a GMO counterfeit for everything, not just with our food supply.

This is why it is of the utmost importance to learn how to connect to the essence of something, rather than its name or face, and to do this we must locate, observe, and integrate our emotional attachments, expectations, and programs. This is the heart and essence of gnosis, of knowing something so deep from within, that even if the image of your most beloved Soulmate comes to you in a dream, you are able to discern if it is truly them. Names, names, names, what’s in a name? Sometimes nothing at all.

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