How They Are Shutting Down the Alternative Media Online

Just an FYI, censorship is alive and well, and has begun in earnest on social media and elsewhere. I was made aware that this “fake news” push has coincided with the US Gov’t giving away control of ICANN to the UN. We are unable to defeat them by fighting fire with fire, and by standing up to their bullying as a group. We are however able to defeat them when we choose to “be the change we wish to see in the world”, and go within to alter our core mind patterns, especially our victim mentality. Surrendering our individuality to a group of any kind, even if that group stands up to the perceived evils of our day, is counter productive. “United we stand” is a platitude furthered by government agencies to engender group think, but to win we need to further develop our individuality, through developing our emotional and intellectual intelligence, and by psychologically differentiating ourselves from the group mind.

(Update: as of Dec 16th, 2016 the new Facebook fake news tools have not been rolled out to other countries besides the USA.  My site went offline via a fatal error in the Google Analytics plugin, it seems possible that the plugin could be a backdoor into people’s WordPress sites.)

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