Lord of the Rings – A Fandom Too Far

The video below discusses how corporate monopolies (in bed with Leftists) are destroying beloved story franchises, and how they shat on the wrong fandom with Amazon’s new the Lord of the Rings television series. Apparently, Amazon only allows approved people who are “yes men” to review it, and of course have stuffed a bunch of wokism into the it, which is just too far for a well educated fan base such as Tolkien’s to tolerate. Like a plague of locusts feeding on the latest harvest, the woke folk have destroyed Star Trek, Dr Who, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, the latest generation of the MCU, and more with wokism, and now they’ve come for LOTR.

Unfortunately for the folks at Amazon, like the Critical Drinker points out, LOTR is not an ever expanding universe, but an already established and completed story, so tweaking the lore with new material to fit modern Leftist ideological narratives about race, gender, and financial inequality will rub the die hard fans who’ve read the books multiple times, can read and write in Tolkien’s invented languages, and can quote chapter and verse from his books, the WRONG way. What we’re experiencing in the West is identicide, and those doing it are intent on erasing men, white European culture, personal responsibility, meaning and purpose, and what Nietzsche would call “master morality”, from the earth.

Identicide is the deliberate, systematic and targeted destruction of the places, symbols, objects, including ideas, values and aesthetica, and other cultural property that represent the identity of a people, with the intent to erase the cultural narrative and memory of that people, demoralize a population, absorb it into another cultural/political verity, or to rid an area of that people altogether.

Identicide, along with the monstrosities of Postmodernism and later Deconstructionism, which stem from the Frankfurt School’s rebranding of Marxism from a financial struggle between haves and have nots, into a cultural struggle btween haves and have nots, reminds me of the following quote from J.R.R. Tolkien:

Evil cannot create anything new, they can only corrupt and ruin what good forces have invented or made. – J.R.R. Tolkien

Postmodernism and Deconstructionism are the epitome of evil, and like the quote above suggests, only know how to corrupt and ruin what is good from our culture, and do not know how to create nor nurture deeper meaning nor a life of purpose.

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