Mass Hypnosis and Trigger Words

Words are magic, this is why when we spell a word, we cast a spell, and why when we write, we are performing magical rites. Our basic human rights either come from our Source from within us (inside-out / internal locus of control), as inalienable, or we abdicate our internal rights and they are instead granted to us by the sorcerers out there, who wish to control us (outside-in / external locus of control).  Mind control is the only true form of control, as we live in a mental universe:

“THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental.” ~The Kybalion.

In psychology, we recognize that traumas and childhood experience program us, and when we get upset and reactive, we are in the midst of an emotional trigger.  It is the aim of the Unity Process to deprogram our emotional triggers, and to instead consciously rewire our thinking to find our power, rationality, and responsiveness from within. The dark sorcerers seek to program us even more than our childhoods could, by conditioning onto us externalized patterns of relating through coerced schooling, media, cartoons, television, the news, movies, etc.  They’re now programming into us the idea that we should become even more reactive, and reinforcing this notion by giving us permission and rewards for being over-reactive.  Will you recognize your internal authority, and deprogram your patterns and emotional triggers, or will you continue to react to the world, and in fact react even more, in obedience to your triggers?

Seen anyone get “triggered” lately? We’re only being told on a near daily basis how easily trigger-able we all are… Mass post hypnotic suggestions, much? ~Truthstream Media


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