Multidimensional Sexuality

Is it possible to experience more pleasure and benefits from sex, and if so, how?  Learn about adding more dimensions to your sexuality in tangible, practical ways.  Learn how the male prostate (p-spot) and female g-spot are able to increase your ability to enjoy your sexuality, and how they also awaken other erogenous zones.

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Books on the Jade Egg and Prostate Massage:

  1. Prostate Health 101: Prostate Massage Benefits and Techniques
  2. The Prostate Massage Manual: What Every Man Needs To Know For Better Prostate Health and Sexual Pleasure
  3. How to Master the Male G-Spot!: What Every Man Wants But Won’t Tell You!
  4. The Illustrious Jade Egg: Why Women Rave About It & Everything You Need To Get Started

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