The Non-Aggression and Self-Defense Principles

The feminine principle is best described metaphorically as the non-aggression principle, while the masculine principle is best described metaphorically as the self-defense principle. An out of balance feminine principle is therefore dominant and coercive in nature, and is played out as either aggression, passivity, or passive aggression, while an out of balance masculine is therefore spineless and submissive, and is the proverbial doormat. A healthy feminine principle does not use coercive force against others, and respects their personal boundaries, while a healthy masculine principle sets and enforces strong personal boundaries and protects against all who would attempt to trespass against their personal space. These two principles, both in their imbalanced and balanced forms, inhabit males and females equally, thus any so-called “toxic masculinity” is really an individual with a spineless masculine principle coupled with an overtly aggressive feminine principle. To reign in the out of balance manifestations in our communities and world, individuals must rediscover their ability to set and enforce healthy boundaries, and at the same time learn how to respect the boundaries of others; this will safeguard liberty, and make the world a better place.

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