The Problem with Equity

We support a diversity of ideas that stems from an equality of opportunity to share them. However, we feel that all forms of diversity that stems from an equality of outcome (equity) will cause psychological harm to the self-worth of the individuals that it seeks to protect, will limit their potential development as healthy and unique individuals, and will thus limit the value of the ideas that they will be able to contribute to society. In general, equality of outcome will also invariably limit the diversity and quality of ideas that are contributed to society as a whole, as it must continually define and protect more groups of victims, and make speech and actions that discriminates against their right to equal outcome a crime. Equity also necessitates the threat of punishment to enforce it, by making those sharing diverse ideas and those who refuse to give away their person or property a crime, therefore it is a violation of the non-aggression principle, and is thus immoral.

I will use an “argument to absurdity” to show the flawed logic of equality of outcome (equity). Aline and I are romantic partners, and we choose to be monogamous together. If a man or woman comes to us and wants one of us as their partner too, an equality of outcome says that they are being discriminated against because we are monogamous and will not have sex with them. Forcing an equality of outcome onto people is legalizing a form of rape, as rape is a pattern of relating in an entitled manner to things that one has not worked for or attracted to themselves, and uses passive, aggressive, and passive-aggressive means to coercively secure it—and its most recognizable form is in our sexuality.

Should another person be forcibly granted access to our marriage bed, since they are unable to create a happy relationship for themselves with a partner with whom they have worked hard to cultivate a relationship? Should people be forcibly granted access to our money when they have not worked for it? Should people be forcibly granted special rights that give them an equal outcome compared to those who have worked for it?

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