The Psychology of Obedience and The Virtue of Disobedience

This is extremely relevant to the current drama playing out on the world stage.  Are you willing to develop your inner sense of Self to the degree that is necessary to leave behind this corrupt system of external rule?  Are you willing to take responsibility for yourself, and learn how to work together with others in a Voluntaryist manner; with those who also desire self-rule?  When push comes to shove and your life and well-being is on the line, are you willing to stand up for who you are and disobey the herd’s direction, as well as their rulers?

In this video we examine the psychology of obedience, paying particular attention to why people obey those in power even if it means committing actions that in any other situation they would view as immoral. We will also examine disobedience and how it acts as a crucial counter-force to the rise of an oppressive government. ~Academy of Ideas

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