The Satanic Left

When watching this, it is important to realize that he is indeed a right leaning atheist, and not a Christian or Gnostic. While I do not subscribe to his unspoken premise that we need politics in any form, he does a good job at supporting the notion that the political left has its foundations built in Satanism and its ideologies. Any student of mysticism and occultism can clearly see the Satanic and/or Dark Luciferian fingerprint in left leaning politics. If the left is Satanic though, then the right is just the “false light” that actually works with the Satanic left behind the scenes. Do not be deceived, politics is just one giant scripted drama acted out on the world stage to keep people from looking where they should be looking — within themselves. If you’d like to travel down the rabbit hole of Satanic pedophilia practices in the political left, you can start by researching the “Pizzagate” scandal.


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