Who Was Ludwig von Mises?

A really well done series of videos by AIER, the American Institute for Economics Research, on Ludwig Von Mises, and at the end, the last video is a fun rap battle between Marx and Mises that can be used as a great teaching tool for beginners.

As for this next video, it’s the only one I find fault with, because it’s too black and white, and falls into black and white thinking.  I think people get into a false dichotomy on the immigration debate, it’s either a sponge soaking up an absurd amount of immigrants or a wall blocking out all immigration, rather than a filter that allows in those that meet certain minimum character based standards. A flood of people who lack a fundamental understanding of the tenants of liberty and natural law will not add to our culture or nation, but allowing our liberal ideas and values to flow out into the world, and then inspiring the right people who are aligned with those values to join us, is a good thing. Black and white, all or nothing thinking isn’t conducive to maintaining a liberal society, and it’s causing a lot of problems in the West. I’m not even taking the middle ground here, I’m taking a multilogical approach that considers multiple factors, domains, and disciplines–its a nuanced position, rather than a black, white, or middle ground position.

As for tariffs and government regulation, I agree that they are not necessarily a good thing, however, when a company or country uses their monopoly status and subsidizes their companies as a means of defeating the products from other countries, and as a means of spreading it’s own ultimate ends of centralization, there is a problem that must be addressed. Tariffs seem more like an economic weapon to be used in self defense against those monopolies that would use the free market to consolidate power and control, and to game the system.  I’m open to other ways of protecting against predatory economic practices, but this seems to be one way to protect one’s country from such predators seeking to use the free market to destroy competition.

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