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The Unity Process & LogicLogic, also known as logos, is the tool we use to discern and filter the truth from the myriad of lies. If something is illogical, also known as a logical fallacy, it cannot be true. The truth can be known, and logic is the tool we can use to find it, and then align with it, but without logic, it is impossible to be in the truth.

Those who state that they do not need logic because they have faith, are believing a lie, as faith is something that we have in the path of logic, far from being blind, it is built upon solid universal principles and Natural Law. The path to unity is the path of logic, whereas the path of deception is all paths that require belief despite logic; faith is in sound logic, while blind faith is in unsound logic. Dogma is another lie, as it is a belief or command built upon the foundation of logical fallacies, and requires blind faith by those who adhere to it. Those who have aligned themselves with the truth via logic are not dogmatic, only those who adhere to blind faith and logical fallacies can be guilty of dogmatism.

Something may appear logical when viewed from a narrow perspective, but when tested and prodded with the logical process of asking “why”, may still prove to be a logical fallacy. Just because something may appear logical at first glance, does not mean that it is in fact logical, this is why logic is a process and not a goal — a state of mind and pattern of thinking, analyzing, and of drawing conclusions. A judgment is a conclusion which is drawn to support a logical fallacy, while discernment is a conclusion drawn from the logical process of asking “why”.

Causality, also known as the law of Cause and Effect, is a principle contained within the logical process, where we seek to find out “why” an effect is present, to view the original cause. When the cause of any particular effect has been made known, it is easy to make a change to the root cause to experience a new effect. The intimate awareness of cause and effect, which is inherent in the logical process, is known as being conscious; conscious people make conscious choices because they understand logic and causality.

It is important to hone and refine the logical mind, so that we might unravel and search for the patterns found in everyday life and relationships, for it is through this process that we can leave the rabbit hole of deception and illusion, and journey back into the daylight of truth. Efficient critical thinkers have more awareness than those who have not refined their ability to process their daily experiences logically; this is not an egoic judgment, but a discernible fact, as the process of critical thinking is the cause, and awareness is the effect of that cause.

It is possible to hone our logical mind in one area, while overlooking other aspects of our experience. For example, if we refine our logical thinking in regards to math, but fail to hone it in our emotional relationships, we will experience imbalance. The deepest foundational aspect of our lives is found in our emotional intelligence, and how we relate to ourselves, and this is reflected back to us by our intimate relationships. How we perceive and relate to ourselves is the foundation of our world view, and all other aspects of our lives will reflect this foundation. When we have command of our emotions, through our intimate awareness of Self, we can replicate our ability to reason into any other aspect we wish, whether it is professional, advocacy, political, sexual, or hobbies.  It is a purposefully spread logical fallacy (lie) that emotions and spirituality are illogical and oppose reason, for contrary to Spock from Star Trek, emotions are completely logical, and can be known and understood — it is from emotional competency and awareness that wise actions result.


Being enlightened is a process and a pattern – not a goal. All you need is to be aware of and connected to this process, and you’ll always have access to the answers you need. Once fully aligned with this process, you’ll never be more enlightened than you were when you first aligned with it, but you’ll always continue to change, deepen, and expand your Self-awareness.  Transformation results from being in your process, whereas enlightenment is your process. ~Nathan & Aline

The Unity Process is the logical refinement of self-awareness and problem solving in the relationship to self and others. It is the ability to reverse engineer the effects and manifestations of life, to find the root limiting patterns and programs, which are their central cause. The Unity Process grounds a person back in their emotional center, their state of being powerful, while also restoring their peace, joy, creativity, and individual expression. Whereas logical fallacies grant a sense of counterfeit power and temporary results, logic, and by extension the Unity Process, is in itself the source of all power, and aligns us with the truth.

We can continue on in our blind faith and day to day logical fallacies, or, we can develop our ability to process our experiences logically, develop our self-awareness, and increase our capacity for making conscious decisions. In the first, we continue on in our smorgasbord of lies, limiting ourselves to choices that keep us unaware, docile, and controllable, or we can choose to explore our infinite potential, power, and sovereignty by taking responsibility over our minds, thoughts, and experiences.

Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it. ~Jesus, Matthew 7:13-14 (NIV)

Which gate do you choose?

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