Wanting, Having, and the Two Games

Buddhists found that “wanting” was a source of a lot of human suffering, so many of their adherents go to monasteries and live without anything, and as a result defeat wanting, but they’re not abundant either and still in lack consciousness; the best they are able to achieve with such a lifestyle is neutrality, not abundance. Christians also practice something similar to Buddhists with their monasteries and other tricks to avoid lust and greed; both are attempting to deal with a very real problem, but they only found a partial solution. To truly achieve abundance though, one must always be in a state of “having“; when in a state of having, we first start with being satisfied with what we already have (level 1), and through that deep satisfaction, we receive more, which is abundance (level 2). See my positive focus video on how to use “clicker training” to experience a life of “having“.

However, when we’re in “wanting“, we become 1) lustful for that which we don’t have and therefore want, which is the level 1 counterfeit of satisfaction; lusting after what we lack comes with the side effect of jealousy for those who are hurt by the lust, for example, a person who is hurt by their partner’s infidelity is typically jealous. …and 2), people get tired of lusting and go one level deeper into greed, which hordes the good (and resources) and collects it all for itself, using all manner of manipulation, coercion, Machiavellianism, conspiring, and theft of property to attain it; it has the added side effect of people needing to sacrifice for the greedy people, even if unknowingly doing so. For example, the Greedy’s guilt must go somewhere, so they project it onto the innocent to continue to remain in greed to maintain their counterfeit abundance, creating scapegoats everywhere they go, and also many people sacrifice their resources to the greedy, for instance, via involuntary taxation.

I have found that gratitude, appreciation, and love is what gives us 1) satisfaction (level 1), and 2) eventually abundance (level 2), so for example, whenever I see a beautiful woman, an amazing car, a high performance computer, etc., rather than wanting them, and remaining in lust, I just admire them/it with “I love”, “I appreciate”, and “I am grateful for” statements for what I received through observing it. For example, when I see a beautiful woman with physical characteristics that I find appealing, I’ll immediately move into appreciation and love for such beauty with “I love” statements to myself, like “I love what a beautiful woman she is” and “I appreciate her amazing body”, and this might bring me an abundance of women to experience with the stated physical traits, or for example, in my case, my partner spontaneously developed an extra amazing body, looking like a fitness model, after we started our relationship. She already had amazing character when we met, but her body transformed just through silent “I love” statements to myself about the beauty I observed in the world. Incidentally, I also did a LOT of “I love” statements about women I’d observe with amazing inner character over the years, which is what initially brought my current partner to me in the first place.

There are two games in our current reality, the finite game and the infinite game, where the finite game has limited resources, and the infinite game has unlimited resources. Competitive games such as football, hockey, basketball, track and field, tennis, etc., all have finite resources such as time or point totals, whereas the infinite game goes on forever without any restrictions. Ordinarily, and in a healthy world or universe, finite games are in service to the infinite game of progressing consciousness, as they help us to take on the appearance of limitation in order to experience infinite possibilities for creativity, growth, and the expansion of consciousness. However, this is a lot easier when we know and voluntarily take on limitation as an act of service to our inner growth, and the growth of our family, but when we forget that the infinite game even exists, which is what the veil of consciousness that has hidden us from our true nature as higher beings crafted in the image of the Divine actually does, we become lost and fallen, navigating a dog eat dog world where “survival of the fittest” has become the norm. Additionally, when in the finite game of limited resources, we are not only competing against each other for a slice of the remaining available resources, we may also start to objectify each other and see other living beings as resources to be conquered and subjugated, which again is where lust has progressed into greed.

More on the Two Games:

In the infinite game, how you get to your goals, the process (the Logos), matters; Machiavellian types won’t necessarily do well in the infinite game.

The ultimate resource though—is time, it is the one thing that we all seemingly lack enough of, we don’t have enough hours in a day, enough days in a week, or enough years in our short lifetimes.

“In your world, people are used to fighting for resources… like oil, or minerals, or land. But when you have access to the vastness of space, you realize there’s only one resource worth fighting over… even killing for: More time. Time is the single most precious commodity in the universe.” ~Kalique Abrasax, Jupiter Ascending

Part of transcending the finite / competitive game to become “infinite” is defeating time, we must each go within and, like the King of the gods Zeus, defeat our father time (the titan Kronos). We do this by re-contextualizing time through our focus and creating our reality with enough money and time to focus on the things that really matter to us, such as serving our higher purpose, growing as individuals, cultivating our inner character (Logos as the gold standard that backs our inner currency), and nurturing our relationships with our romantic partners and family units. Defeating time is a side effect of the great work of Alchemy, where one is able to craft their own “philosopher’s stone” (a mythical object akin to the fountain of youth) that prolongs one’s life indefinitely. However, those people in “wanting“, especially negatively oriented beings, typically externalize to defeat time through the greedy acts of conquering, manipulation, coercion, and theft, which is what the “transhuman agenda” is all about, and what Kalique Abrasax in the movie Jupiter ascending was speaking of—power over others via extreme greed to extend one’s own life.

Like I mentioned earlier, finite games are meant to serve the infinite game of growth and connection, so I will highlight how I use finite games to promote the infinite game. For example, I have a Nintendo Wii (with a Wii-mote for physical activity) with many competitive finite games on it, and every day when the children get home from school, or in the evening, we play it for a few hours at a time, all in service to connecting with each other and promoting our bond as a family unit. We may talk a bit of trash, but only insomuch as it gets our competitive juices flowing, however, we’re really competing against ourselves and trying to get better so that the games can keep going on between us. Competition has become a valuable tool for our family to 1) grow as individuals through challenging ourselves and 2) connecting with each other to promote family and healthy social interactions.

Tying this back in with the concepts of “wanting” and “having”, we’re currently living in a Matrix reality that has created a veil of consciousness that conceals the infinite game and replaces it with only the survival of the fittest game of competitiveness and lack. However, when we navigate such a dark reality with a mindset that’s filled with satisfaction and an abundance of resources, which is based upon maintaining a positive focus utilizing gratitude and appreciation for that which we observe, we will continue to move out of lack consciousness and the exclusively competitive games that go along with it, and it puts our being and experience squarely within the “infinite game” of progression, the expansion of consciousness, and connection with others. Life becomes truly satisfying and abundant, and even each second that ticks away is meaningful and filled with purpose.

I could go on and on about all of the multilogical tie-ins to these concepts too, such as:

  1. How dominance works differently in each game,
  2. How survival mechanisms and trauma result from “wanting” and an exclusively competitive mindset.
  3. How the dreaded drama triangle (lack/finite) vs the TED triangle (abundance/infinite) relates to both games.
  4. How society, media, and entertainment is geared towards promoting lack, competition, and survival.
  5. How powerlessness from not having enough of one resource or another leads to collectivizing into dangerous ideologies such as Marxism and other “isms” based in the dreaded drama triangle.
  6. How seeing those who “have” will make the “have-nots” (those in wanting) envious of those who have, and will lead to a destructive and entropic anti-Logos (anti-Christ) mentality.
  7. How some people give up altogether from dejection and live depressed lives.
  8. How the finite game promotes dopamine release (and addiction when the finite game is the primary focus) and how the infinite game promotes oxytocin release, as well as how dopamine via the finite game needs to serve the infinite game’s promotion of oxytocin release to be in the proper balance. Those who seek dopamine are typically chasing dopamine hits and therefore blind to the people in their lives who truly love them (oxytocin), this is due to their loved ones not providing enough dopamine hits, but they would find an abundance of oxytocin, and by extension dopamine too, if they were to switch their primary focus to the infinite game. Neither the finite game nor dopamine hits are evil when they are in submission and service to the infinite game and oxytocin, they are only so when they are divorced from their moral foundation by being the primary focus in one’s heart and mind.
  9. Where the Logos fits in as a foundational moral baseline for progressing out of a finite game mentality and into an infinite game mentality (as in, it is impossible to escape the finite game only mindset without first reestablishing an objectively moral foundation based in the Logos, as well as discovering deeper meaning and purpose).
  10. Overcoming the “forbidden fruit” syndrome of not being allowed to have something when it is socially or religiously unacceptable (but not in those instances where it is objectively immoral, such as theft of another’s property).
  11. I’d even go so far as to say that monogamy as it is currently experienced in our society is based in the limited perception of the resources of love, time, money, and attention, but as a finite game in service to the infinite game, it can be another great tool for personal growth and expansion, until which time one is abundant and mature enough to handle more than one partner; if you can’t find satisfaction and abundance with one partner then you’ll only be pursuing lust and greed with many partners.
  12. How much patience it often takes to see one’s gratitude and appreciation manifest into their reality, which is why many often choose to attempt to control their external circumstances through lust and greed for more immediate results. It takes a high degree of self-ownership and self-mastery of one’s thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and outcomes to attain a true inner state of satisfaction and abundance.

Where are you on the spectrum between “wanting” and “having“? Are you still lacking enough resources and focusing on what you don’t have? Or are you dejected and depressed and close to giving up? How close are you to defeating father time and crafting your own “philosopher’s stone” through aligning your inner being and life with that of the Divine Will?

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