What are our Options to Fight Back Against the Coming New Order?

In regards to our current situation in the West, with the draconian medical police state that is being installed as a means of implementing the Chinese social credit system, I do not necessarily believe that organized protests or violence are the only or best answers we have available to us, and in fact, I think there are far superior options available that will be infinitely more productive and practical. I will add that I think that social media and protests, especially protests orgonized for those involved in the medical or emergency support services such as the police and fire department, might be meant to draw out and identify dissent, in order to purge them of anybody who might oppose or resist the “new order” of things. They are also very easy to subvert with what’s called “agent provocateurs” who are hired by the government to infiltrate, steer, and discredit such movements through senseless acts of violence and the destruction of property. They may also use these agents to identify those are willing to conspire with terrorist type tactics, and they are able to further identify and mark individuals who might become potential leaders and threats.

For these reasons, and for spiritual and metaphysical reasons too, I think that the options I present below are a better way to approach our current situation. They are internally focused though, rather than externally—and in an externalized world, they may seem quite foreign. I will leave them below for reflection, and am open to answering any questions on them should anybody seek further understanding of my thoughts on the matter.

Finally, I’m sharing this last video due to it’s focus on “staying in our own lane”, and the importance of non-interference.

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