What Does it Mean to Be Balanced?

The Unity Process uses Jungian shadow work to balance the Hermetic Principles of gender, correspondence, polarity, and rhythm within our Selves, which results in having that balance reflected back to us by our external (macro) world.  Many of the students of the hermetic principles, including what I can tell from Elite interpretations that I have read, attempt to find balance through an external means, outside-in, rather than through an internal means from the inside-out.

We feel that it is kind of like the different neutral character types within the D&D rules, where you have neutral evil, neutral good, and true neutral; we perceive that shadow work is a great way to reach true neutral on the spectrum from the inside-out, whereas neutral evil and neutral good will result from attempting balance from the outside-in.  While having a semblance of balance, outside-in balance is still dualized towards good or evil, but balancing from the inside-out will cause a true neutral disposition, having integrated both through correcting our thought patterns from listening to our feelings, into One neutral experience.

Our version of shadow work encompasses all seven of the Hermetic principles, while also utilizing the trivium method of critical thinking of “what → why → how”; whereas most people ask “why” as an afterthought to “how” in their “what → how → why”; if they ask “why” at all. Additionally, too many versions of shadow work do not ask “why” far enough back to their root causes, but instead stay stuck in limited feedback loops, which is still missing a deep enough understanding of the Hermetic Principle of cause and effect.  At the heart of this type of blind spot is usually an attachment to giving our responsibility away from a fear of being fully self-responsible; let us explain.

The Etymology of Authority

Authority” comes from the English root author, and the Latin root auctor, meaning the originator/promoter, aka, the creator.  The subject of authority has been our topic of the week, and as we attempt to let go of our fear of taking responsibility and “authorship” of our lives, we can ensure that others no longer need to be the authors of our lives either. In our personal experience, we found that we have been attached to being the author of the lives of those around us, especially in close relationships, because if we weren’t the author of their lives, we perceive that they would be able to harm us; meaning that we control others in an attempt to stay safe.  

Since we have an attachment to authoring the lives of others to keep ourselves safe, we will also remain susceptible to others engaging in a power struggle to author our lives; our fear makes us control externally, which opens us up to being susceptible to external control by others more powerful [outside-in] than us. We don’t want to be authored by another, so we try to escape to feel “free”, and we choose to author others so that we can feel safe. There is that safety/freedom duality problem that springs up continually on our Divine Pollination Blog.  Of course, the reverse can be true as well, as we are afraid (unsafe feeling) that we are incapable of taking care of ourselves, and look to external savior beings that we think are more capable than us, so that they can then save us from ourselves — at the cost of our freedom.  Hmmm, there is that safety/freedom duality again.

Lastly, there are dark beings that are the embodiment of fear, not believing that they are capable of survival without draining the creative energy from others, and so they author their victims out of their life force energy in order to be able to survive.  Their fear has made them into vampiric parasites who are unable to sustain themselves without a host to feed upon.  They are too far into their delusion to escape from their self-created prison, and it is our own issues with responsibility that makes us a resonant match to agreeing to exchange our freedom for their promise of safety.  And while they cannot actually grant us true safety, they can grant us the illusion of relief from our responsibility that we so desperately crave.  They grant our illusion of evading our responsibilities by authoring our lives for us, and we willingly play along because we’re attached to avoiding our fear of self-responsibility.

So rather than being responsible and authoring our lives, we choose to give our freedom away to have somebody else take responsibility for us, making them the author(ity) of/over our lives.  Sex is a great example of this power struggle between safety and freedom, as sex was meant to be a responsible action that creates life (and a metaphor for the creative act), yet it has become nothing more than an escape (relief/tension breaker) away from the stress we have from not being responsible, not creating, and not authoring our lives.  The stress between the freedom and safety needs, and the dynamic of the power struggle between them, has caused the need for a stress release of the buildup of tension; a discharge to balance out our system.  Humanity is using sex to discharge energy, rather than as a self-responsible creative action.


Q: Does that mean that if you were the author of your own life, you wouldn’t have sex or wanting orgasms?
A: I think you would still. But it wouldn’t be a release or done to escape, but as a creative act. It wouldn’t be recreational, it would be creative.
Q: Well, I still would want to have orgasms because they feel good.
A: They will when we do it as a creative act, for the purpose of creating. Not just for creating a baby, a baby is a metaphor; conception is a physical metaphor for a spiritual truth.
Q: Yes, I can accept that concept. Makes sense.
A: This is why the Elite wants to confuse sex so much, confuse genders, and ultimately, to connect humans to machines and have people born in tubes instead of through physical sex. When we are full blown creators, life will BE orgasmic, rather than us trying to DO sex to reach orgasm.
Q: I see, I see. So, is this the “what” and “why” then?
A: Yes, I think so.
Q: I can go along with this, it is intriguing and makes sense to me. So, now we have to figure out the “how” then.
A: Figuring out “what” the limiting belief is and “why” it is there, should allow some space in the issue to effect a new “how” automatically. “How” is the result of the “what” and the “why” coming together in union.

We’re not behaving as the authors of our own lives, for if we were, we wouldn’t need to discharge all of the tension buildup through addictions.  It is our lack of self-responsibility and authorship, and giving that responsibility to another, that causes us to experience the tension producing power struggle between the freedom and safety duality within ourselves, and also in our external relationships.  We don’t want to be the authors of our lives, so we invite external saviors to author them instead; and these are our authorities, our masters — our gods.  Attempting to balance our dualities is still outside-in, but our dualities can still be healed with enough process work, which will cause our polarities, gender, correspondence, and rhythm to balance, which is inside-out.  We need to take back our authority from those we gave it away to, through integrating our dual aspects of safety (order) and freedom (chaos) back into the One of personal sovereignty; and a sovereign is both inherently safe and free.

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