What is Ego?

We feel that ego is the thought construct that results in folly, which is the opposite of intelligence and wisdom — it is the inability to think correctly and make wise decisions. We would say that it is the thought construct that prompts actions without first infusing understanding into them… it is thinking in the patriarchal pattern of “what, how, why” rather than “what, why, how”, which is more balanced. Even after deciding to think in “what, why, how”, our attachments keep us stuck in the “what, how, why” thought pattern, and attempting to change our thought patterns is like trying to ride a bike in a new way, like in this video:

The patriarchal ego pattern could also be termed “duality consciousness”, as we experience shame when we do not have understanding infused into our actions, since each behavior is less than perfect. Our school systems currently indoctrinate the patriarchal way of thinking of “what, how, why”, but when we are small children and still innocent, we remember “unity consciousness”, but then nurture takes over, and we lose our ability to think in a balanced manner. Check out this child use critical thinking skills and blow his mother’s mind in the process:  https://theunityprocess.com/what-this-child-as-he-works-the-trivium-method-of-critical-thinking/

Also, this will add some context to the different modes of thinking: https://theunityprocess.com/are-you-wise-or-foolish/

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