Which Way, Westerners?

It appears that multiculturalism actually destabilizes and weakens society, and does not actually strengthen society. Duh, that’s the point, and why it was forced down our throats in the first place—to subvert and destabilize western culture and society to the point that we are easier to take over and rule with totalitarian forms of governance. The illiberal left are just beginning to discover that their ideas don’t actually translate to positive results, and it’s a tough pill to swallow. Will they love truth more than the lie, or will they double down and push even harder until they engineer their own downfall?

This is where I diverge from both the illiberal left and those who claim to be Voluntaryists and Anarcho-capitalists, because I understand the need for healthy psychological boundaries, and I understand psychologically how an identity is formed, and how multiculturalism is detrimental to the stability of both individual and collective identities. Wide open borders will create too much chaos, and lead to the downfall of a liberal society. The anarchists are cutting off their nose to spite their face, meaning, they’re willing to do themselves psychological harm just to get a stateless society—which will in fact do the opposite—create the need for the State to govern them after their cultural mental breakdown occurs. In a similar manner, the illiberal left is also cutting off their nose to spite their face, meaning, that they are willing cram diversity down our throats and risk crumbling into a tyranny, just so that they can pretend that they are good, loving, and tolerant people on the way down.

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