The Two Versions of Unity

As we’ve stated many times, there are two forms of unity that currently exist in our world, each linked to their own version of hierarchy; which we call the natural and unnatural hierarchies. The natural hierarchy is a supportive system that serves one another’s individuality in a harmonious balance of equality via its many unique parts, while the unnatural hierarchy is an enmeshed system that uses domination and seduction to […] Read more »

Nathan Explains Duality & Unity Consciousness – Part 2

This was a huge realization for us today! As you know from part one, the three became the two, and then the two remaining fight against each other. This is the dynamic: the child vs the mother and father, and then the mother and father fight each other over how to best deal with the petulant child. It is the divide and conquer technique. In this pattern, the mother reasons that […] Read more »

Nathan Explains Duality & Unity Consciousness (Video)

Nathan explains the concepts of both duality and unity consciousness, as well as contrasting their differences. Is it sitting around a campfire singing songs, is it uniting against a common enemy, or is it patriotism? Might unity be something completely different? Check out the video to find out more about the two systems of experiencing life… Check out part two HERE. Read up on the Trivium method of critical thinking […] Read more »