The Mandela Effect & the Power of Observation

In this video I discuss the axiom “whatever is observed, changes”, and how it pertains to the quantum shifts that we are experiencing in the Mandela Effect.

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  1. Leo says:

    They feel that this transition will lead to a real and lasting peace within each and every creature across the globe, where even “the lion shall lie down with the lamb”. View all posts by Nathan & Aline »

    Ha..was this deliberate? You probably know that lion/lamb phrase doesn’t exist in the Bible, yet another Mandela effect. Now it is the wolf…

    • Yes, I remember Lion and not wolf too, but when I made my website I copied the exact verse from an online Bible which said “wolf”. In the summer of 2015 I became aware of the Mandela Effect, and after studying it in depth, decided to change it back to “lion” to match my original memories.

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