Bill Nye, the Orwellian Propaganda Guy

I wrote an article nine days ago called “Bill Nye the Propaganda Guy“, and this is a video made by Truthstream Media with a similar name, which I highly recommend.  Science has become synonymous with propaganda these days, where it is more of a slogan that people say in greeting  each other than a discipline dedicated to discovering objective truth.

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  1. Becca says:

    if its so wrong to depopulate a world where overpopulation AND the disproportion of resources demographically, then what do you propose is utopian or the most desirable state for ‘earth’?

    • Hello! You are assuming that overpopulation and a disproportion of resources demographically are scientific fact, but are they? What if they are just politically motivated rhetoric to give an excuse to abdicating our basic rights over to them, and for them to consolidate power? Such things are not black or white, and are based on each person’s subjective worldview, as they interpret the objective data in ways that either fit their agenda and/or biases, or they let the data interpret the truth for them. This is a negative focus on the lack, rather than a positive focus the potential of humanity to overcome any obstacle that comes in our way. It is also using logic to project out into the world, which requires controlling our world, rather than pointing our logic inwards to work on and get to know ourselves, which gives us influence in the world.