Bill Nye the Propaganda Guy

Look, it’s Bill Nye the Propaganda Guy! The new Netflix series is just awful, and pushes what is called “motivated science”, otherwise known as propaganda. It defends man made climate change (the solar system is heating up, not just our planet), big pharma, vaccines, artificial intelligence, GMO’s, overpopulation, and the new non binary gender trend. That about covers every major battleground being waged between true science vs State sanctioned propaganda science. Horrible.  For more on our views about motivated science, please see our article: “How to Spot Politically & Financially Motivated Science“.

“The product of scientific achievements should be for sale. The scientist should not.” ~A.E. Samaan

The politically motivated episode on gender is what takes the cake though, as it is a non-scientific and subjective look at gender, as a means of politicizing an agenda.

However, just because we oppose politically and financially motivated science, and oppose identity politics, does not imply that we are homophobes or transphobes, it just means we see the possible reasons behind such fabrications, and are proponents of a different manner of relating to the issues. Aline and I have a few friends and clients who have alternative sexual lifestyles, or who have transitioned from one gender to the other, and we have made sure that we were really able to understand them and their perspectives, because non judgmental dialogue is an extremely important tool that allows us to expand our perspectives.

What then are our problems with identity politics and motivated science in regards to the new “non binary gender” debate?

First, identity politics and motivated science implies the need for the State to censure and enforce laws and regulations, and we are proponents of self-rulership and voluntaryism. At least from our point of view, the State holds no right to force anybody to do anything, especially in regards to their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; we think that it is the individual’s right to hold those around them accountable, and not the State’s. Historically speaking, when the State is given unlimited power over speech, a massive loss of human life follows — including the lives of those who gave the State power in the first place.  Identity politics are a direct violation of the Non Aggression Principle (NAP), as it requires coercion to force compliance onto individual’s behaviors; all violations of the NAP are immoral, and do not need to be considered further.

Second, according to Dr Jordan Peterson, our identity is a consensual negotiation between people and groups, just as purchasing a product is a negotiation between the buyer and seller. We cannot force another person to buy into the identity of another any more than we can force a person to buy a product they do not believe in. This is why shady sales and marketing techniques are being used to push the non binary fabricated science and identity politics — to manipulate people into buying what the State is selling. If a person was once a female and is transitioning to a male, then it is their responsibility to negotiate their new role as a male, and not the responsibility of the “buyer” to accept it. When they fully believe their transition is complete, those around them will respect their transition and reflect their male identity back to them.

For example, if I in my identity as an EFT specialist am selling sessions to the public, and I am not confident in my ability to adequately perform EFT sessions, then the buyer will undoubtedly pick this up, and may very will refuse to buy sessions from me. I could instead choose to manipulate buyers with misleading marketing, and sell them low quality sessions while pretending to know what I’m talking about — but this is akin to shady marketing and propaganda, and has no substance in my belief in myself or my identity.

Third, there is an agenda to curb free speech and free thought, and to label all contrary opinions as hateful, phobic, and anti-science. Such an agenda will create the very hate and fear that it purports to fight; by marginalizing balanced perspectives, it will give rise to fringe and radical perspectives.

When balanced perspectives are accentuated and promoted, extreme ideologies fade from prominence, and lose their power and attractiveness. However, when balanced perspectives are intentionally attacked, marginalized, and ridiculed, the fringe extremes gain ideological power, and reality fragments and polarizes. ~Nathan & Aline

Intellectual, scientific, psychological, and other growth requires the freedom to discuss a diversity of ideas, and the freedom to offend others, as such dialogue produces complex insights about complex problems. Humanity’s problems are multi-layered, and require an open ended, multi-layered dialogue to solve them.

Fourth, giving somebody a “how”, or forcing a “how”, does not address their deeper psychological issues, which requires delving into the “why”. We must understand ourselves, and why we think, feel, and behave as we do, rather than just attempting to force other people to agree with and enable our unconscious behaviors. If we’re going to interact in a healthy manner, we need to be held intellectually and psychologically accountable for our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. For example, just because a child believes that they should be able to eat candy at every meal, doesn’t mean that we are loving parents by allowing them to eat candy at every meal. As good parents, we need to educate them, and help our children to understand for themselves that the ramifications of eating candy at every meal is destructive, so that they can make better choices when we are not around them. This is the difference between empowering good behavior and enabling poor behavior.

Fifth, we enable and give strength to a victim mentality by reinforcing people’s identity as victims that should be protected. We should instead strengthen people’s capacity to live life as empowered individuals, rather than enabling the race to discover who the “biggest victim” is. The victim mentality is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, challenges that humanity must overcome to become psychologically whole and empowered race of unique individuals.

Lastly, a diversity of ideas implies the equality of opportunity, even if not all ideas are equal in their merit. While we should all be treated as equal in our opportunity to pursue the life of our choosing, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or social class, we should not be equal in our outcome, as it robs us of our individuality and motivation to be responsible creators and co-creators of our reality. We will appreciate our success much more when we are able to reach it on our own, without being given preferential treatment in getting there. Also, giving one person with lesser intellectual development and ideas preferential treatment because of their victim identity will invariably limit the opportunity of people who have sufficiently developed and refined their ideas.

In summary, we’re all for people having the freedom to choose their own lives, but we are not falling for Statist lies and manipulations intending to rob us of our freedoms and rights in the name of “inclusiveness” and “tolerance”. We support a diversity of ideas first and foremost, and the friction that sharing diverse opinions brings. Bad science that furthers agendas for political and/or financial gain is inexcusable, and will be called out for what it is, even if calling it out is now labeled as bigoted hate speech. We love the truth more than anything else, even above our reputations and well being.

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  1. Becca says:

    what do you think the real impetus for population control is? is it because they fear it is synonymous with a takeover..or society being individually run? they fear the practicality of communism?
    when there are clusters that form around one central area (usually driven by people ‘following’ or sticking to societal norms) is when disease forms. like in cells. is society synonymous to metasticism??
    why do they care so much about self determination? is is simply because of their loss of power?whats the REAL reason? because wouldnt the universe be wiping them out by now because of their will to rebel?
    some say its just the divine plan of the magic of contrast helping propel us towards unity and that theyre just playing a role for this greater purpose….. Then does this say our and our planets’ purpose is more than just a school for our souls learning….and that it has greater ramifications for the evolution of even the whole of existence?

    • From what I can tell, there is a “sweet spot” for how many people they can reasonably control, while still reaping the rewards of being the masters and kings over humanity. Depopulation is simply to make humanity easier to manage for their control system; all other reasons given are manipulations to get humanity to buy into and consent to their agenda. The world, and the universe, are completely abundant when we know our self-worth; there is no point where over population will become a problem when people are operating in their full power and feel worthy from the inside-out.

  2. Becca says:

    also the wholething about it being the responsibility of the buyer to buy it isnt about trusting the persons process of transitiioning,its a method used for society to greater question their close mindedness about gender being binary. it was inevitable that something was to question this of society because we are moving away from just happened to be transgenderism. is it a forcing? or is it just a holding up a mirror showing us our options…we either accept it or we dont accept it. i dont think the EFT analogy is accurate because thats talking about quality as a reason for not choosing to buy something, which is valid, whereas buying transgenderism is asking us to simply not think in binaries. its not about quality of a product. its about accepting a greater perspective,one of humans existing on a spectrum. it doesnt concern the buyer other than giving us a chance to open our minds up to more expansive ways of being human.
    its like the whole ‘not all men’ crap. its not that men are being asked to take the blame of the idiots who do stupid shit, but that men as a collective have a moral choice (or responsibility, if youre a responsible man who doesnt take things to heart a lot) to say no. the men who get offended are missing the point. they think its a personal attack when that is just a choice for how you process the world . it really just is a pushing of pressure on men to make a decision to move forward on moral and ethical issues that are overdue to be addressed.

    i dont think the victim mentality comes into it. maybe some people use that as a guilt trip to get others to understand. but i think mmost sensible trans advocates merely implore the audience to think properly.
    also in your last point im not sure all people are being victims. its just some.
    trans advocates shouldnt be equated with a state intiative of depopulation, whether it is true that the state IS in fact USING this human query for their bennefit. it shoulnt be confused as to what the real villain is here

    • Gender is not duality, nor is it a polarity (, however, while we are moving towards a unified mindset, polarity will still exist, even if dualities will no longer exist. A duality and a polarity are not the same thing, as a duality is oppositional factions warring against each other, and polarities are complementary poles that work together.

      When reading the rest of this comment, it is evident that media and political talking points are being repeated, and that is precisely why they were programmed into you via the media and other routes over a long period of time, almost every SJW repeats these talking points. To open up your mind beyond the external conditioning you’ve received over the past ten to twenty years, you would have to examine your thoughts in a critical fashion, and truly find out if they are your thoughts, or if they are thoughts that were seeded into you from the outside-in. Then, should you so choose, you would need to start challenging each of these talking points to deconstruct your assumptions, and think yourself to new conclusions; conclusions that are your own and not external to you. There is a really good way to do this, which is to ask yourself “is my logic pointing outwards to solve external problems in the world, or is it pointing inwards to solve my feelings in relationship to the external world?” Externalized logic, which most advocates for social justice use, almost always violates the non-aggression principle (NAP), because it requires coercion, but the NAP is the foundational moral principle that a voluntary community is built upon, and internalized logic will never violate the NAP.

      I would like to add that the three spiritual men that I am closest to are a male who transitioned from female, a gay man, and a native american chief who would be classified as bisexual by our labels (he does not see his sexuality as a part of his identity, as that is a western construct, not a natural construct). I have held extensive conversations with all three of them over the current political landscape and the subsequent talking points repeated ad nauseam by well meaning but misinformed individuals, and I wrote my conclusions based on my work with clients, my viewing of discussions by those annoyed by this on the left and the right, by the SJW’s themselves, and from my discussions with my friends (and Aline).