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NZT-48 - Does it take a designer drug to live a "limitless" life?

NZT-48 – Does it take a designer drug to live a “limitless” life?

Aline and I re-watched the movie Limitless again, since there is a new television series by the same name that picks up a side story based within the original movie’s parameters.  Watching the movie reminded us of how we are already “limitless” in so many ways, having exercised our reasoning, and removed many of our emotional attachments through conscious observation.  As humans, we do not require an NZT-48 designer drug to achieve our “limitless” potential, but what we do require is the tenacity and willpower to modify how we think, feel, and act, which requires conscious observation of our Self.   

We do not need to regain access to all of our brain’s capacity, or have a photographic memory, we need to regain access to the process of right thinking.  Right thinking implies that there is also a wrong way of thinking, and this wrong way of thinking is called illogical thinking.  Logic is a key aspect of the critical thinking process, as it deals with causality, where we ask and answer “why” questions, which produces understanding, so that we can make changes on the plane of causality rather than on the plane of effects, as most people attempt to do.  Logical fallacies, also known as logical deceptions, are errors in logic — and being susceptible to errors in logic is the product of having an emotional attachment to a particular outcome, which comes from preprogrammed expectations to our perceptions (input).  

Additionally, there are many cerebral people who claim to be logical, but are ultimately still illogical in their thinking, as they bypass around their emotions to protect their emotional attachments, just as the majority of other people do; they just bypass their emotions better than most.  This form of “logical thinking” is the most illogical of all.  Spock from the original Star Trek series is an archetype of this kind of logical thinking, where he appears calm, cool, level headed, and unemotional in the face of danger, but these type of people have achieved their power at the cost of their ability to enjoy, and be satisfied with, the life that they’ve created for themselves.

the toroidal flow and cause and effectTrue critical thinking is a process of thinking in the correct order, a way that is in balance within the Self, and that feeds back to itself in a self-sustaining toroidal pattern; it is a balance of perceptions (input/thoughts), feelings (logic), and actions (output), that then feeds back to our perceptions to begin anew.  However, if a person bypasses their feelings to then go directly into their actions, they are bypassing any hope they have of achieving internal balance, and are now binary rather than ternary in their critical thinking; this binary thinking will skew all possible outcomes, causing haves and have nots (ones and zeroes) — it is perceiving life through the lens of emotional imbalance.

Just because we are unable to understand something, does not mean that it is false, a belief, or fanciful thinking, it just means that it is beyond our current ability to understand it. It is the mark of an ignorant person to purposefully ‘ignore’ and dismiss information because it may contain apparent contradictions to their current beliefs, and/or is beyond their current mental/emotional ability to understand it. Purposefully ignoring pertinent information is the result of having emotional attachments and expectations of how we think something should be or act, and these attachments cause us to attempt to control the outcome, thus clouding our discernment.

It is therefore incumbent upon each of us to hone our capacity to reason, by upgrading our ability to remove contradictions found within the information we take in, through processing the information correctly, and by removing our emotional attachments to possible outcomes. Removing our emotional attachments does not remove our capacity to function as emotionally intelligent beings, but in fact allows us to experience life as emotionally balanced beings. This balance allows us to continuously take in new information, process it, and then act in alignment with the truth found in the present moment — and while this may seem like magical thinking and blind faith to some, it is in fact completely reasonable.

We are able to regain our ability to reason through observing our emotional reactions and triggers to our life experiences, which stem from our emotional attachments and expectations.  These dramatic life experiences, and our reactivity to them, are reflections and mirrors that show us our root perceptions.  If we are willing to observe these reflections, rather than blame or run from our mirrors, we can make changes to how we perceive our reality, and thus how we create our reality.  This form of self-analyzing as a means of conscious perception change is called shadow work, emotional integration, and “letting go”; it is an invaluable tool in remembering our true state of being.  The Unity Process utilizes Jungian shadow work, EFT Meridian Tapping, the Seven Hermetic Principles, and the Trivium method of critical thinking / asking questions, to affect conscious change, to make the unconscious-conscious, to bring emotional stability and balance, and thus provide a truly limitless life. 

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