Do We Create or Co-Create Our Reality?

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Your life is a reflection of your core perceptions; alter your perceptions and you will alter your life. ~Nathan & Aline

There is an ongoing discussion in regards to the distinction between creating your reality and co-creating reality with everyone around you; and it is usually an either/or proposition. The issue being discussed is opposing the concepts from the “The Secret” and New Age philosophies surrounding “Create Your Own Reality”, therefore attacking the concept from this angle is attacking a fictional strawman of “create your own reality”, and not taking into account the dynamics of how reality generation actually functions. The Secret and New Age version of “create your own reality” has more in common with Crowley’s dark “do what thou wilt” than with the Gray Mystic’s understanding of it, as they are attempting to create from identifying with their narrow egoic needs, which is self-serving, rather than from their inner Source, which serves the ALL’s purpose.

There are two ways we can generate our reality, either by unconscious repetition or by conscious creation, where the former is unconsciously repeating patterns that were installed upon people from others who steered and engineered them with their own vision and goals, and the latter is the result of individuating (psychologically differentiating) oneself from out of the collective unconscious of humanity, and into their own unique vision and purpose. Individuals create their own reality when they are conscious of who they are, what their purpose is and relational patterns are, where they are meant to be, when the correct timing is, and why they are thinking what they are thinking, feeling as they are feeling, and behaving as they are behaving. However, people repeat another’s vision and reality when they are unconscious of who they are, what their purpose is and relational patterns are, where they are meant to be, when the correct timing is, and why they are thinking what they are thinking, feeling as they are feeling, and behaving as they are behaving. We can create our own reality on the micro level, and then co-create reality with other conscious creators on the macro level, or we can choose to obey and perpetuate the status quo on the micro level, and co-perpetuate reality with other unconscious beings on the macro level.

There are two flows of reality generation that can occur, where a conscious creator/co-creator does the following:

Perceptions → Feelings → Actions → Feedback to Perceptions


The unconscious being also creates their reality in this way, but is stuck in a negative feedback loop just after their root perceptions, much like a hamster wheel, and it has a reversed directional flow:

Incorrect Perception →

Actions → Feelings → Perceptions → Feedback to Actions

Whereas the conscious individual is in gnosis with their perceptions, feelings, and actions, knowing exactly what they think, feel, and act, and why they think that way, feel that way, and act as they do, the unconscious being must act to feel that they are, must feel that they are to think that they are, and then takes the feedback from their thoughts to bolster and reinforce the cycle. However, at the root of the negative feedback loop is still an incorrect root perception that causes the rest of the pattern to reverse into the secondary feedback loop.  It is this secondary feedback loop that causes our initial fear, and sparks actions that cause us to be, rather than acting because we are.

Both versions are governed by all seven of the Hermetic Principles, but most specifically by the Principle’s of Correspondence, vibration, and Cause and Effect, which states “as above so below, as within so without”, “nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates”, and “every cause has its effect, and every effect has its cause”. The principle of correspondence implies that we live in a holographic / fractal reality, where all are connected, even if there are different fractal patterns interacting in various layers of our joint reality.  In this way, creation and co-creation are one, as they are linked by the principle of correspondence, where creation is internal and co-creation is external; therefore both creation and co-creation are happening simultaneously, and not one or the other.  Each individual or group will harmonize and attract to those who have a similar vibrational octave, in order to co-create together; thus it is our vibrational state of being that dictates which octave we relate to, where we can harmonize with unconscious beings, conscious beings, or anywhere in between.

Additionally, unseen forces manipulate the collective unconscious of humanity through conditioning them to generate very specific realities, through both subtle and overt mind control methodologies; the unseen forces consider themselves cause, while the unconscious masses are choosing to exist as only an effect. The conscious individual, the one who has individuated themselves from out of the collective unconscious via shadow work, anima/animus work, critical thinking, and daily processing of their emotions, is cause of their own reality from within, and their experiences are their effect; creators are able to co-create with those who are also cause from within.

Whereas the unconscious masses have the illusion of cause based on their supposed free will choices of what to buy, what job to have, who to marry, and what style of clothes to wear, a conscious individual has the actuality of free will, which has nothing to do with aesthetic ego choices (indulgences), but rather with their freedom and sovereignty found from being conscious of every aspect of their life as a unique individual.  The conscious individual is in a state of self-mastery, having elevated their existence into the realm of causality, while the unconscious being is an effect being mastered by others, and may have some mastery over others as their cause, depending on their placement within the unnatural pyramidal hierarchy.

So, as you can see, the debate between creator and co-creator is much more intricate than those for and against it are able currently acknowledging, as the argument for or against is unconsciously repeating dialectical either/or thinking, and not seeing the bigger overall picture.

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  1. Glen says:

    Beautifly written and I am starting to understand and feel the process. The 1st and 2nd processes are happening more naturaly but the 3rd involving action requires more committment from myself to break away from the installed habits. I suppose my tree of learning requires me to explore every branch which is fine as I learn from each one and are able to connect the dots a little better each time. It also allows me to find sites like this and continue the process.
    Thanks for your truth and knowledge.

  2. Ian Goss says:

    Thankyou for addressing this.
    In my experience there is a suppressed terrifying shadow monster lurking around which is very effective in disuading an individual from individuating.
    I guess it’s each person’s shadow, but it creates social dramas as a co creation I guess.
    Seems these times upon us are a mass lsd dose and millions begin projecting terror. Guess it was always so, just more obvious now.

    • Indeed, many people are creating from their unconscious shadow, rather than from their conscious intent. Additionally, there are forces that seek to mold, manipulate, and guide this shadow to harness it for creating their own selfish goals and agendas. Thanks for the thoughtful comment, be well.

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