Does the Antichrist Really Exist?

I’d dare say that at the very least, the “Antichrist” is a metaphor, and that both Christ and Antichrist are essentially the concepts of the Logos and anti-Logos. In philosophy, it would then be Logocentrism vs Nihilism, where Logocentrism is basically a focus on the concept of the Logos; a divine blueprint for reason, empathy (empathy is the emotional component of reason, as it seeks to understand the views and feelings of various aspects of self and others), and meaning/purpose. As mentioned, the anti-Logos is then Nihilism (along with its children postmodernism, Marxism, and deconstructionism, among others), which are essentially anti-meaning and purpose—”all is meaningless”, while sophistry is the form of logical thinking most associated with having a nihilistic worldview.

My viewpoint is aligned with Gnostic thought, which many believe to be a Christian form of esoteric mysticism, where Christianity itself is considered the exoteric religious practice. Gnosticism held that Jesus was a symbol of divine, intellectual, and heart centered reason, and it’s definitely not just cold machine logic, but logic coupled with empathy and love, so that those who had “Jesus in their hearts” were more reasonable people to interact with and be around. While there are definitely people that embody each philosophy quite well, and many others probably have a varying mix of the two depending on their own mental purity or depravity, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is just one person who’ll be globally recognized as THE Antichrist—unless of course he’s a fictional character that’s been planned by the Elite to use in the puppet theater we’re currently witnessing worldwide; they very well may throw in a world war, a famine, and a staged alien invasion while they’re at it.

I’m a big fan of Thoughty2’s storytelling and compelling selection of topics, as well as his fair and balanced approach. It’s not too deep, but it is an engaging listen.

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  1. I fully agree with your asessment Nathan. During end times of a long cycle the Antichrist archetype appears – and it can be embodied by several people(quite a few candidates out there since 2020) – who are quite obviously evil. So, besides the logos / anti-logos aspect that always exists (we all have dark and light in us and it’s always in the world – I call this the upwards spiralling energy and the downwards spiralling energy – some talk of evolution and involution), the ultimate dark archetype energy of the Antichrist appears and almost literally (attempts to) destroy(s) the old world [in a sense this is its ‘job’ … if we factor in the purpose of this archetype exisiting at all*] at the end of an age.

    *It’s said that ‘the gods’ (the gods are enerfy archetypes; negative or positive) bring the old world to an end when it has run its course.

    Interestingly in the Mayan creation story an Antichrist archetype/energy is depicted as appearing during the previous Great Cycle transition (between the 3rd and 4th world, we are currently transitioning between the 4th and 5th). So the phenomenon of the Antichrist is also cyclic.


    • That’s quite fascinating, thank you for sharing. I enjoy reading your thoughts from your blog, and am glad that you chimed in with your unique viewpoint here too. Your description of the Antichrist reminds me a bit of “the Nothing” from “The NeverEnding Story”. I’ve written elsewhere on this blog about the Nothing as well, in respect to nihilism’s desire to drift back into unconsciousness, so what you’ve conveyed rings true.

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