Doomcock’s Laws of Canon: A Culture War Manifesto

Franchises like Star Trek and Star Wars are not mere intellectual property; they are modern mythologies, our common language and cultural heritage. But they are under assault by corporations who wish to destroy them in order to replace them with something they believe will be more financially profitable, and as fans WE are under assault by these corporations for resisting this corruption of our dreams, for revolting at the idea that our cultural heritage is a disposable commodity.

This is Doomcock’s manifesto in this culture war, a clarification on what canon is and why canon is so critical to those who treasure our modern myths. I urge those of you on Doomcock’s side in this culture war to spread this video far and wide. Make it viral. Use it in response to those shallow cretins who try to smear us as racists, as sexists, when all we’re doing is fighting for the survival of our shared cultural language. And please consider supporting Doomcock in this war by joining his legion at Your pledge there, regardless of the amount, will aid Doomcock to extend his message to the world. In these dark times, it is sorely needed.

Pieces of our cultural heritage are being destroyed every day. Join Doomcock before it’s too late.

My comment on the video:

I have a newfound respect for you and your work. You show a great handle on the philosophical concept of natural law as examined by the liberal philosophers John Locke and Samuel Rutherford in the 1600’s (before liberalism got re-branded as political leftism). I very much agree with the majority of your assertions, with one subtle difference; I think that they subversion of our mythologies by Hollywood is intentional, and not about money, but about what the former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov called “cultural subversion”, and it is meant to rewrite our history while simultaneously gaslighting those who love western mythos. This is also being employed to cause a *balkanization* of the USA, which is causing so much discord and division that a once homogeneous culture fractures off into smaller and smaller group identities, which are easier to manage, herd, and control.

I sent out this tweet yesterday in regards to Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm, but it applies to all of the major intellectual properties that are being sullied by corporate handlers:

“They bought the franchise just so that they could do a postmodern deconstruction of it. They love spoiling that which they’ve conquered, and it reminds me of the historic tactic of salting the fields of the enemy after conquering them, to ensure nothing grows for generations.” (This was done to further demoralize the defeated, and ensure that they were too weak to revolt in the future.)

Both postmodernism and deconstructionism are Marxist philosophical proxy philosophies, and are therefore nihilistic, and love tearing down the creativity of others. They are based in envy, and therefore gains much joy from the destruction of the happiness and creativity of others, so that they may equalize individuals down to the lowest common denominator of victimhood; and this equates to their version of happiness. Disgusting.

Anyway, this was a GREAT video, I will be sharing it far and wide, and even downloading it to my PC should censorship one day remove this great work of philosophical art on modern mythologies and canon.

~With Respect,

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