The Sex vs. Money Duality

Sex & Money DualitySex and money are an unnatural polarity, also known as a duality, and if a person polarizes into one side to find their value, the other side will automatically attract to it.  Money value attracts sexual value, and sexual value attracts money value, it is how the Hermetic Principle of Polarity works.  Prostitution is the most honest metaphor for being polarized with sexual value, as it attracts those with money value, but did you know that a business man is also a prostitute?  He whores his money value to attract sexual value, while she whores her sexual value to attract money value.  Resisting sexual value will cause an inability to attract money value, while resisting money value will also cause an inability to attract sexual value.  Remember though, that these two polarities are unnatural and thus a duality, so neither embracing nor resisting them will yield any real results here and now, as embracing them is just building temporal sand castles, while resisting them is just missing out on all that life has to offer.  It is through integrating sexual value and money value into true value that life really begins outside of the sex/money matrix, where we see that time is the ultimate commodity to be mastered.  Integrating sex and money back into one equates to mastery of the unnatural time/space matrix, allowing for one to instead interact with life via the natural space/time matrix. ~Nathan & Aline

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