Emotional Integration, Logic, & the Truth

Since we’ve done a lot of emotional integration work, using a refined system of asking ourselves questions that we termed “the Unity Process”, we’ve become much more logical and reasonable in our interactions with ourselves, each other, and others. Each time we integrate a shadow, we reverse engineer and correct an illogical belief system and pattern of relating that caused us to be self-deceived, and thus prone to external deceptions as well. With many of these self-deceiving patterns gone, we actually feel when we’re being manipulated with fallacious logic (fallacy comes from the Latin root “fallere”, which means “to deceive”), which prompts us to start asking questions. Our deception meter quite literally peaks out at maximum whenever we turn on the TV, read digital or print media, or listen to a politician and/or CEO speak. Our distrust of them is not based in our irrational fears, but in our ability to process the information in our environment in a rational way, so while many might label us as “conspiracy theorists”, we choose to view ourselves as question askers, information gatherers, information processors, and truth seekers.

The formula for truth is quite simple, it goes:

Knowledge (info) + Understanding (logic) – Contradictions = Wisdom (truth)

Conversely, the formula for a lie goes like this:

Partial, Distorted, or Hidden Knowledge + Contradictions – Understanding (logical fallacies) = Folly (lie)

(**See below for a downloadable graphic of these formulas)

Since knowledge can be known, we have the ability to process it with logic and rational thinking, and we can remove the contradictions by refining both our knowledge and understanding; truth isn’t just some bizarre figment of our imagination, but a tangible reality that we can experience. However, when knowledge is either withheld or distorted, contains contradictions, and has fallacious logic, it is most definitely a lie. Unfortunately, this perfectly explains the thought patterns of much of humanity, who are fools living and experiencing a lie—a false and deceptive reality—and they don’t even know that they don’t know.

The solipsistic adage that ‘there is no such thing as truth’ is a deceptive belief disseminated into spiritual, political, and societal spheres of influence, because it keeps people from looking for it, being led by it, and from aligning their thinking with it. Truth is a tightly managed commodity, since it serves the interests of the ruling elite who require a monopoly on information and logic in order to continue their con game. They hide information, they flood reality with too much of the wrong information, and what true information they do release is tainted with just enough inaccurate information to make it difficult to make any sense of. On top of that, they use every major and minor logical fallacy known to us, ones that are carefully crafted to partner with very specific emotional attachments (conditioned into us as children through media, schools, religion, etc.), whenever they justify their stated courses of action. They NEED for us to continue believing that truth doesn’t exist in order to maintain and further their own goals of domination and control. We reclaim our power when we purify our perceptions (grammar), as they are the cause of our feelings (logic), actions (rhetoric), and experiences (feedback). ~Nathan & Aline

Opening your eyes is the first step, only then can you begin to see (know/knowledge), begin to process it (logic/understanding), and start removing the contradictions, so that you can finally live a life of truth on the path of wisdom.

Downloadable graphic for the formulas of Truth and Lies: (NOTE: The graphic should say “Partial, Distorted, or Hidden Knowledge” for the formula for a lie!)

The Formula for Truth and Lies

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