One common psychological theme I have been seeing a LOT in the media and government propaganda and rhetoric, is of gaslighting. Gaslighting “is a form of mental abuse in which a victim is manipulated into doubting his or her own memory, perception and sanity. (Source)” A movie was made in 1940 (and 1944), and is free on YouTube, called “Gaslight”, it captures this manipulative tactic perfectly — the PTB love to make us doubt ourselves, especially our own five senses and innate logic.  Gaslighting disconnects us from ourselves, as it causes us to question our own five senses, intuition, and logical faculties; it is extremely detrimental to our sovereignty.

This scene from the movie captures the essence of this tactic well:

The agents of the matrix, the sleepers, as well as those who find pleasure in manipulating us, are the perpetrators of gaslighting.  As for the sleepers, I sometimes find it incredible that so many people have become so disconnected from their own intuition and logical faculties, that they will defend a fabricated narrative that defies their own observations made with one or more of their five senses. As long as the fabricated narrative lines up with public consensus, the accepted authority’s party line, manipulated statistics, or any other thing that makes them feel accepted and approved of by the most powerful groups, they’ll buy into it. These people will ferociously attack even the most logical and sound arguments with vile tactics, while they act dismayed that anybody could possibly question what they’ve been conditioned to believe as true. They do not think (aka, ask questions), nor do they have an actual opinion based on logical precepts, they just have the illusion that they do while they parrot media talking points with ad hominems, appeals to authority, sweeping generalizations, appeals to the consensus, begged questions, strawmen, flipping the burden of proof, and other major logical fallacies. They are the modern day religious zealots who worship at the feet of Statism and mainstream science – thinking is the rarest commodity of all in our current societal landscape.

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