How Roof Koreans Took Back Los Angeles

The purpose of the self-defense principle, firearms, and the justice system is to heavily weight the cost-benefit analysis of committing crimes against innocents by raising the costs of crime and reducing its benefits. However, there has been a concerted campaign the past several years to reverse the costs and benefits of crime by having the police arrest those defending themselves and releasing those who perpetrate crimes against innocents, therefore inverting the justice system by making the cost of crime low and its benefits high, which incidentally is a tactic used historically by the Nazi’s and communists when taking over a society.

Gun free zones are supposedly meant to raise the cost of crime and lower its benefit by giving stiffer penalties to those caught carrying a gun near such zones, unfortunately, all it has really done is lower the cost of crime and raise its benefit by creating areas free of the masculine self-defense principle, in effect providing a target rich environment with little resistance to those wanting to go on killing sprees. Standing in contrast to gun free zones, the infamous Rooftop Koreans stood their ground and evened the playing field during the Rodney King Riots by making the cost of looting Korea Town high and its benefits low, and by doing so, they demonstrated the masculine self-defense principle in action, and saved their community from tremendous loss.

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