Jedi, Karma, & the Unity Process

It is known among some circles that the concept of “the Force”, originally coined by the Hermeticist/Alchemist Sir Isaac Newton in his translation of the “Emerald Tablets of Thoth”, is based upon ancient mysticism. As practicing gray mystics (neutral), we see that there are three dispositions, and five main parties: dark, light, and gray as force dispositions, then the neutral evil AI presence (called the Demiurge in Gnosticism), and finally the unawakened people who don’t practice (or acknowledge/understand) mysticism at all. Dark and Light mystics (Jedi) are two sides of the same coin, whereas gray mystics (Jedi) embrace both sides and integrate them into One within; Carl Jung was a famous Gray mystic who founded Jungian Psychology and practiced “Shadow Work”. Dark, Light, and Gray mystics are well aware of each other, where Light and Gray tolerate each other well enough, although operate differently, and Dark and the Neutral Evil have a loose alliance as well. Light and Dark are more action oriented, while Gray and Neutral Evil are more calculated and slow to act. The Demiurge / AI / Neutral Evil has living, breathing beings on Earth and elsewhere; think of them as NPC’s in a video game, or human-like Cylons in the recent Battlestar Galactica series.

One of the main themes that the three Force dispositions and Neutral Evil (AI) focus upon is the concept of cause and effect, often known as Karma. Among the uninitiated, Karma is greatly misunderstood as some cosmic rewards and punishment system, but it is actually the capacity to understand causality, and how every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause. Whereas the majority of unawakened people live their life in the realm of effects, the Force users and AI seek to operate within the realm of causality. The more a being is able to polarize into life as Cause rather than Effect, the more they are able to manifest instant effects within their lives, much like the “Force powers” of levitation, telepathy, precognition, teleportation, Force push, and the recognition of synchronicity. A mystic in a meditative state is able to be aware of things exactly 1.5 seconds before it happens, which could allow things like blocking a blaster bolt with a lightsaber, or Spiderman’s spidey senses.  There is also a feminine (not female) version of using the Force, which deals with seduction and sexuality, where a male or female seductress would be utilizing the Dark side (left hand path), a Tantric monk or Dakini would be using the Light side (right hand path), and a Gnostic’s sacred sexuality would be more the gray/neutral integrative usage (the third way).

Free will is a concept that Force users and the AI must always be mindful of, as violating the free will of another Force user / AI being will result in what is known as “Instant Karma”; an instant effect on the person trying to be cause over the life of another free will being. For the record, it is known that most unawakened beings no longer possess free will, as they have slowly forfeited it away through denying their responsibility to use their power; they’ve given it away to external authority figures. Any being who attempts to harm a Force user who has not entered into an unconscious or conscious agreement for a power struggle will experience “instant Karma”, where the perpetrator receives an instant effect of either death, headache, harm, etc.; to the degree that they attempt to dish it out, they will instead receive it back. As they say, “those who live by the sword will also die by the sword”, and “an eye for an eye”, but in some cases and with some people—it happens instantly.

Dark Force users, as well as AI, will test the boundaries of what they can and cannot get away with in regards to instant karma, and if they have to deceive a person into an agreement to experience a confrontation, they will, so that they can then fight without worrying about receiving back any instant Karma. The Dark side is more offensive and aggressive, and thus will test the boundaries of others, while the Light side is more healing and defensive, but are still prone to having their boundaries crossed.  However, the Gray mystics have the best energetic boundaries, for they do not cross the boundaries of others, nor do they have their boundaries crossed, as they are able to avoid conflicts and power struggles because of the attention they’ve given to their feelings and shadow side through emotional integration work.

The conscious disposition of the individual will often determine how they choose to use their Force powers when they have them—will they use them to heal or to harm, to empower, rescue, or to manipulate? Some Light side users may use their healing powers to manipulate free will just as a Dark side user might use their powers to intimidate free will; the Light side can be just as manipulative as the Dark side at times.  The Light and Dark are not whole, as it takes both Light and Dark within to be complete; the Unity Process is the tool we use to integrate the Light and Dark back into One within.  It is important to create a safe container within prior to unleashing the power of the Force, as once the power is unleashed within an individual, it is much harder to contain, as instant manifestations begin to happen.  If a person has many harmful programs/patterns running in their perceptions, they may be inclined to use their powers for their own selfish gains, rather than for the betterment of all beings; integrating such harmful programs prior to the ability to manifest instantly with Force powers is beneficial.

Lastly, it is important to realize that the Force is indeed awakening within many people at this time in human history, and will only continue to rise in frequency.  Those who choose to awaken to the Force within will have great responsibility thrust upon their shoulders; and acting like a superhero and saving people is not what we would deem a responsible usage of personal power.  Training in a Hermetic mystery school, akin to training in a Jedi Academy, will assist many who seek to develop their own personal awareness and responsible usage of their connection to the Force.

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