Reason & Free Will

Jesus (the Divine Logos) answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father (wisdom) except through me.” λόγος (logos) = Greek, noun. “reason”

True free will occurs when reason shapes our identity and worldview, and we play within the safe confines of its rules, while the illusion of free will occurs when our identity and worldview dictates our reasoning, and we play outside the safe confines of logic. In the illusion of free will, we get to make up the rules of logic as we go, and we don’t have to feel enslaved by its pesky rules, or feel enslaved by the truth when we’re presented with it. In this illusion, we let our feelings dictate the truth, rather than allowing our feelings to point out our errors in logic, so that we can correct them, and further align with reason. The illusion of free will always ends up with people eating a reality sandwich though, as you cannot skirt around logic (causality) forever, for as they say “karma (Sanskrit for causality) is a bitch”. As Jesus also stated, you cannot expect a house built on a sandy beach to last, it must be built on a solid foundation. Logic, reason, and empathy, which produces understanding, is the only foundation worth building our identities and worldviews upon—everything else will perish.

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