Socially Engineered Reactivity and Triggering?

Why are so many people upset when they hear an opinion that differs even slightly from their own? Why are they unable to consider different opinions, and weigh their merits based on the evidence and logic behind them, in a fair minded manner? Why do they personally attack the character of those who share perspectives that do not align with society and social progressiveness?

What if it is because humanity has been engineered on a mass scale to be reactive to differing viewpoints, and to attack those who share perspectives that threaten their own internal status quo. What if society has been a part of a mass social engineering experiment, run by secretive engineers hiding behind a proverbial curtain, to make humans think, feel, and behave in a manner that could lead them like sheep to their overlord’s secret vision of a “greater humanity” — a vision that neither you, nor I, have any say over, and that has you serving them as their slaves?

For more on this subject, you can watch this video, as well as look up the work of B.F. Skinner, as well as “Skinner’s Box”. You will learn how people are easily engineered to behave in ways that are easier to control and manage for their secret overlords.

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