Gray Mysticism and the Sixth Hermetic Principle of Cause & Effect

The sixth Hermetic Principle states, “ever cause has an effect, and every effect has its cause”. How does a Gray Mystic interpret the principle of cause and effect? Read more »

Welcome to the Gray Mystic’s YouTube Channel!

I have a new YouTube channel that discusses the concept of Gray Mysticism, which is about maintaining a neutral / balanced disposition, as opposed to the light vs dark duality. I discuss this within the context of the Star Wars concept of the Jedi, and their connection with the Force, as they’re based on historic alchemical practices. Welcome to my new YouTube channel, for the Gray Jedi in the real world. Read more »

A Return to Nature

When we say ‘the light side’ or ‘the dark side’, we are not speaking of good vs evil, but of the natural vs the unnatural. The natural is ‘naturally’ alive and reproduces and sustains itself, whereas the unnatural must feed outside-in upon others to sustain itself — the natural is the living, whereas the unnatural is the dead. Just as the Star Wars movies state, the dark side is indeed […] Read more »