Disclosure in a Free Will Universe

  With the heavy focus on disclosing the “truth” of what our governments, bankers, companies, and secret societies have been hiding from the general population, I thought I would explore how people might receive or resist such “truth”.  Additionally, I explore how disclosing truth might be a violation of our Universe’s principle of free will when it is not desired.  Rather than giving people answers to questions they have not […] Read more »

Nathan Interviews Kris Nelson of EvolveConsciousness.org

Interview of Kris Nelson from Evolve Consciousness on consciousness, the Trivium method, Natural Law, and more. Please check out Kris’s informative web sties at: http://EvolveConsciousness.org http://TriviumMethod.org http://NaturalLawScience.org More on the Trivium method of critical thinking: http://theUnityProcess.com/trivium Read more »