Watch this Child as he Works the Trivium Method of Critical Thinking!

Watch as this young child works the Trivium method naturally, utilizing the process of asking questions — of “what” and “why”, to finally decide on a course of action that he is ok with, which is his “how”. Amazing! xoxo <3

Make sure to turn on the subtitles for your language, to see what he is saying.

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  1. […] The patriarchal pattern could also be termed “duality consciousness”, as we experience shame when we do not have understanding infused into our behaviors and actions, since each is less than perfect.  Our school systems currently indoctrinate the patriarchal way of thinking of “what, how, why”, but when we are small children and still innocent, we still remember “unity consciousness”, but then nurture takes over, and we lose our balanced manner of thinking in “what, why, how”.  Check out this child use critical thinking skills and blow his mother’s mind in the process: […]

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