The TV Mind Control Movie

As Gnostics, it is important that we understand how the mind processes information, as well as how it can be bypassed via external programming from the outside-in. If we’re too busy repeating externalized (outside-in) programs, it is difficult for us to express our individuality, creativity, and unique life purpose from the inside-out. Learning the mechanics of mind control, NLP, propaganda, and hypnosis is a must then for any Gnostic who seeks to retain control over their rational mind and critical thinking facilities, as well as express their unique life purpose.  They either use us to generate their reality for them, or we generate our own from within.  Will you continue to generate their reality, or will you reclaim your power and generate your own unique reality?

Additional reading on how the Music Industry uses symbols to program their listeners (and viewers) with occult symbology and archetypes: The Music Industry Exposed: Esoteric Symbols

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