Are You Powerful, or Are You Empowered?

Many spiritual circles use the terminology Service to Self (STS) and Service to Others (STO) to describe the alignment of the various beings in our Universe, where STS is selfish, manipulative, fragmented, and externalized, and STO is integrated, whole, and creative.  We feel that the Service to Others moniker can be a bit confusing, since “service to others” has come to be associated with “sacrificing for for the greater good”, which is an STS attribute.  Contained within the STS disposition is both the predator and prey, the good vs evil duality, as well as the victim, villain, and savior archetypes, which are all rooted in dialectical thinking.  We feel that the labels “Power Game” and “Empowered Game” better describe the leanings of the two sides; and that this is pretty much the core duality within our Universe, as all other dualities are self-contained within the Power Game. With this being said, please read on for our understanding on the subject.  ~Nathan

There are two types of people in the world, those within the dualistic Power Game, and then those who forgo externalized power, but instead choose to be empowered from within. The Power Game is a fight between those who compete for ultimate domination and control, while those within the Empowered Game choose to focus on creating their dreams and goals free from competitiveness or strife. The Power Game is manipulative, consumptive, and entropic, and it causes struggle, conflict, emotional wounding, enmeshment, and traumas. However the Empowered Game propagates neutrality, calmness, peace, joy, wholeness, creativity, individuality, and expansion.

In the Power Game, individuals tend to consolidate into collective groups to pool their power, where they can better defend their boundaries, and can better attack the boundaries of others – in order to gain even more power. The Power Game gives the illusion of power to those at the top of the food chain, as those at the top are being propped up upon the backs of the those below them. In this, the powerless must forfeit their power upwards to their masters in an agreed upon exchange for safety, to protect them from other dangerous groups/beings within the Power Game. The Power Game is the lifestyle that embodies the “survival of the fittest” mindset, and focuses outwardly upon others, and not inwardly upon themselves. Powerful individuals do not create their own reality, but rather dominate and manipulate external reality with aggressive, passive-aggressive, seductive, and passive behaviors.

However, in the Empowered Game, people tend to individuate from out of collective groups and refine themselves into unique, self-sustaining, and sovereign individuals, where they find their self-worth and value from within, and not from their position over others, or from associating with powerful beings. The Empowered Game is the lifestyle that embodies the “creative” mindset, and focuses inwardly upon their own creative vision, passions, dreams, and goals, and not outwardly upon manipulating others to support them. Empowered individuals create their own reality into existence via their own creativity and passion, and are able to co-create with those who align and harmonize with their vision.

Whereas the Power Game has respect, the Empowered Game has love, and while there is nothing wrong with respect, if it is based solely upon how powerful a person is, it will lack love and compassion. Empowered individuals will be viewed by powerful beings with respect, which is why powerful beings may attempt to carefully maneuver and seduce empowered individuals, to draw them into a power conflict. The powerful will always win if they can manipulate an empowered individual to drop into a power struggle, but they will experience instant karma (have their asses handed to them) if they try to take on an empowered individual in empowered territory. Conversely, empowered individuals will look upon ALL life with respect, love, and compassion, regardless of their disposition or status.

Are you powerful and powerless, or are you empowered?

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