What is an Emotional Block?

What is an emotional / energetic block? Quite simply, it is a lack of understanding, which is connected to our emotions and logic. Our emotions, which serve as a type of logic / CPU in a computer, function as a bridge between our perceptions (input) and actions (output). Understanding (our unconscious mind / emotions / feelings) is the bridge between what we think (conscious mind) and what we do (subconscious mind); a lack of understanding blocks us from reaching our highest potential in our lives. Just because we know something, doesn’t mean that we are able to understand it, and if we don’t understand it, we will be unable to translate our knowledge into wisdom, which is right actions.

Reality Generation - how we create our reality

Understanding requires the refining of our emotional capacity, by applying the critical thinking process of asking and refining questions to every negative emotion that we experience. Each negative emotion we have is communicating our current understanding of what we know, and this feeling can be analyzed and traced back to its core emotional attachment, and its accompanying root perception, so that we can modify it if necessary; this is known as processing our emotions. Each time we process our emotions, we upgrade what we know, as well as our capacity to translate what we know into right actions. When we operate without emotional blocks, we are operating with understanding.


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