All We Need is Love!

Love is UnderstandingLove is the answer to all of our problems, right? We hear “all we need is love” proclaimed by our religious and spiritual gurus, but what exactly is love? Put simply, love and understanding are the same thing; to comprehend love we must also understand understanding. When we understand something, we know the reasoning and logic of it; and the more we understand it, the more we become intimate and connected to that which we are trying to understand.  Understanding is knowing the reasons why something is the way it is, and why a person is the way they are, on an intimate level.

…the entry into the vibration of love, sometimes called by your people the vibration of understanding, is not effective with the present societal complex.” (source: The Law of One)

We find it disheartening that so many people associate logic with masculine, left brained critical thinking devoid of love and compassion, since in reality, understanding is the realm of our emotions, which are meant to process our thinking into wise actions. Logic has only become perceived as masculine and harsh because the feminine emotional component was removed from it, causing the masculine thoughts to take over responsibility for our feminine emotions. The more the feminine emotional component is re-injected into the processing of our thoughts and feelings though, the more balanced we will be in our behaviors and life experiences.

In the original Christian texts, the Greek word Logos is translated by modern scholars as “the word of God”, however, Logos is not just the Word of God, it is the Divine Logic of God — it is the premiere tool for processing our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The ultimate thing for us to understand is a being, and that being is ourselves; therefore the call to self-love is the call to understand ourselves. The gateway to understanding ourselves is our emotions, tuning into them, understanding them, and listening to their messages to us is of the utmost importance to our spiritual development in these trying times. Any spiritual practice that doesn’t place premium importance on self-love through understanding our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors is a counterfeit solution and bankrupt of its feminine counterpart.

Before we go further though, it is important to discuss how we create our reality, since understanding (love, feelings, logic) is the second component of reality generation:

Perceptions (thoughts) → Feelings (emotions) → Actions (manifestations, behaviors)

Reality generation functions like a computer:

Input (data, information) → Processor → Output

This mirrors the Trivium method of critical thinking:

Grammar / Knowledge → Logic / Understanding → Rhetoric / Wisdom

Here are the questions associated with reality generation and the Trivium:

What (who, where, & when)? → Why? → How?

This also mirrors our three minds:

Conscious → Unconscious → Subconscious

Lastly, it mirrors the triune nature of God:

Father → Mother → Child (creation)

the toroidal flow and cause and effect

…and the pattern of three is found within our seven chakras and our personal toroidal field.

Rather than going from thoughts, feelings, and into actions though, most people use all of their thoughts, reasoning, and actions to protect their feelings, expectations, and emotional attachments from harm.  All of their creative energy is spent feeding their need to protect their feelings, expectations, and emotional attachments rather than processing each situation with their emotions.  They create a short circuit that circumvents their feelings, and thus gimp their ability to understand themselves and others, which is therefore hampering their ability to love themselves and others.

For example, an individual might tell their partner, friends, or family:

“I need you to understand me, what you are doing hurts me; please stop it”.

However, the message that is actually being conveyed is:

“I need for you to love me enough to enable my lack of emotional awareness, because I am not responsible enough to go within and find myself, through understanding my pain and emotionally processing the reasons behind it. Therefore I am going to manipulate you into thinking that you are loving me when you stop your hurtful behavior, and convince you that you are unloving as long as you keep reflecting my pain to me”.

Understanding (love), and thus our feminine aspect, have been demoted from a self-responsible behavior of processing our thoughts, feelings, and experiences, to a manipulative tactic to get others to stop showing us the hurt we’re carrying within us. Unfortunately this is not compassionate, loving, or understanding, it is a downright irresponsible and manipulative pattern of relating.

“Show me you love (understand) me by not reflecting back to me my lack of self-awareness, my limiting thoughts, and my past traumas, but instead enable me to live in my illusion that I am whole and happy. I feel unhappy when you show me who I am, but I feel happy when you do not show me who I am. I need for you to understand this.”

The return of the Divine Feminine is the return of love, and the return of love is the return of Divine Logic, Reasoning, and Understanding. Those channelers, teachers, and prophets who proclaim that all we need is love, and that we need to stop trying to use reason and logic, are drastically misunderstanding love, reason, and logic, and are either naive, or worse, deceptive in their teachings. Logic is the function of our feelings, it is our internal processor, and understanding is the product of having processed our thoughts, feelings, and experiences properly; it is impossible to understand something until after it has been effectively processed by our emotions.

Our intuition is our warning light that tells us something is wrong; it is an initial motivator prompted by our feelings that tells us we are in the midst of a possible personal boundaries violation, where we are then able to gather more data, and seek further understanding about our situation.  For example, when our intuition tells us that something is wrong about interacting with a possible parasitic individual, it is our opportunity to ask more what, where, when, and why questions, and then process all possible thoughts, feelings, and manifestations with our emotions, until we finally receive our epiphany.  The epiphany is the insight that indicates that we have removed all current contradictions between our input and understanding, at least in the current moment, or until more contradictions and/or intuitive promptings arise.  After having listened to our intuition, and having received our epiphany as a result of our processing, we are now able to act wisely in the situation, in a way that is safe and responsible for everyone involved.  Our wise actions may come across as “tough love” to those that we do not enable, but that is their responsibility, and not ours.

Many people confuse tough love with conditional love, but it is anything but conditional, as it is taking the necessary steps to compassionately allow our loved ones to experience the natural consequences of their beliefs and behaviors, so that they can then make conscious changes to them — or not. So even though it is often misunderstood as conditional, tough love is definitely unconditional and aligned with natural law. ~Nathan & Aline

Want to pretend to be loving? Sacrifice for others. Enable others. Carry the emotional burden for others. Want to pretend to be loved? Be selfish. Be enabled. Manipulate others to carry your emotional burdens for you.

Want to really be loving? Know thyself. Understand thyself. Be responsible with your emotions. Your capacity to love is directly proportional to your understanding of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Those who process their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors within are capable of greater amounts of love (understanding) than those who have not processed their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

*Singing to the tune of “All We Need is Love”…*

All we need is understanding, all we need is understanding, all we need is understanding, understanding, understanding — understanding of our Self.

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  1. David Nova says:

    I have often viewed this distinction of love as the difference between being “kind” verses being “good.” Most people confuse the two for the same thing. However, in most superficial and even some intimate relationships, people generally prefer to be “kind” than to be “good,” which means telling people what they want to hear instead of being brave enough to tell them the truth, enabling their negative patterns instead of shedding light on the negative patterns. Doing “good” risks negative repercussions. Being “kind” just goes with the flow of denial. Of course, often, it’s not our place to do “good.” The road to hell is paved with “good intentions.” It upsets the status quo. Sometimes people really just want and need to find the truth for themselves. It’s their own personal journey of growth after all. Being “good’ sometimes means simply showing them a few road signs along their journey, instead of cheerleading them while they get lost in the woods. I think the same standard can be applied to extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional beings, who don’t know the difference either. Are your guides simply cheerleading you, or are they showing you road signs?

    • Your comment is definitely a facet of love, nurturing, etc. Using your terminology, I tend to be “kind” as long as they do not cross my boundaries, and then move into “good” in order to exercise self-care, but only when it is warranted. Good in this case also means that I seek to understand them, and more importantly, myself, to see what the mirror is reflecting back to me about me. In many cases, I understand myself out of their experience, and them out of mine, lol. One of the most brilliant definitions I’ve heard about boundaries is from the “Parenting with Love and Logic” books and classes, where they say, “a boundary is not telling people what to do, but telling them what you’re going to do; since we cannot control them, but we can control ourselves”.

      >>Are your guides simply cheerleading you, or are they showing you road signs?<< For the longest time, I could only hear them, or see a negative pattern in my life if there was a flashing neon sign the size of a billboard blinking in my face, lol! I'm sure they face palmed more than once at my expense, haha!

      • David Nova says:

        Absolutely. It works in reverse too. I was only looking at one angle, but being the difference between being kind to yourself and good to yourself is important as well. Being kind to myself might mean indulging in a little comfort food, while being good to myself might mean understanding the benefit of a more healthy diet. Kindness is still important. Sometimes we all need a little break from the inner good work to just be kind to ourselves.

        • I think we’re pretty kind to ourselves in that way too, but probably because most of our energy is spent on working our process, and we need plenty of downtime to recuperate before the next issue needs to be understood and examined. Downtime after working through a rough pattern; the story of our existence the past three years!

        • David Nova says:

          Also, I think I probably have both kinds of guides – the ones who simply stand back and cheerleads, and others who take a more tough love approach. Sometimes I find them both to be a little annoying, but they mean well. LOL.

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