Avoiding Who We Really Are

Much of our motivation to act and experience life here in this realm is done in the pursuit of avoiding aspects of ourselves that we find less than worthy and valuable; where we behave to avoid our Self, rather than to find and enjoy our Self. We obey laws, play sports, stay healthy, go to school, go to work, attend religious services, look good, get married, do what we need to be a good partner, a good parent, or a good anything — all to keep up our illusion so that we can avoid who we really are in our core being. Another phrase for this form of avoidance is ‘acting from ego’.

However, when we take our motivation, aka our life force energy, and turn it inward upon ourselves, we become highly motivated to recollect the fragmented aspects and shadows, so that we might reintegrate them back into our Self. This flow reversal can be problematic for our short term participation within society though, as we discover that our society is a purposefully crafted reality intended to help us to avoid our shadow, rather than acting to be whole, or better yet, acting from wholeness. This realization makes it difficult for us to find the motivation to act, since we were so accustomed to channeling our energy to avoid ourselves, rather than acting to fulfil our deepest inner passions and desires.

Shadow work, emotional processing, and correcting cause and effect in our lives, are the transitory steps that we must funnel our creative life force energy towards, as any actions that we perform prior to fully reclaiming our shadow aspects, will still be used to bypass our core woundings. It is only after fully reclaiming who we are, that we are capable to safely channel our creative life force energy, and thus our motivation to act, into our passions and desires. Shadow work, or whatever you choose to call your Self reclamation project, is the bridge from a world of avoidance, and into your promised land of passionate creativity, individuality, and joyful experiences.

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