Exoteric vs Esoteric Spirituality

We see a lot of “teachers” who are exoteric in their worldview, aka, they are approaching spirituality through the lens of a materialism, even if they are rebelling against it. Unfortunately, just because they may be rebelling against materialism doesn’t mean that they have neutralized the false paradigm from their thinking. Whereas materialism is exoteric, mysticism is esoteric, and deals with the inner world of our thoughts and state of being, as the ALL is mental. Yet exoteric teachers provide spiritual sounding actions, such as building an alter, praying at it, drinking moon blood, dancing, worship, positive self-talk, and other exoteric practices, as a means to achieve conscious change. Actions are merely the results of our thinking, and not the cause, but when observed, they are able to provide us with feedback and clues about our core thoughts, which allows us to alter our thinking and correct course along the way.

Exoteric thinking is in direct opposition to the First Hermetic Principle of Natural Law which states that “the All is mind; the Universe is mental“. With this esoteric truth in mind, the only means of change that actually provides tangible results will be those that change our thinking, as our thinking causes our feelings, and our feelings motivate our actions and manifestations. This is why we recommend that people turn their thinking inwards upon itself in self-reflection, shadow work, processing of emotional triggers, and conscious (dialectical) arguing.

What actions have you done in the past as an attempt to be spiritual? Can doing spiritual make you be spiritual? How has self-reflection, shadow work, emotional processing, and conscious arguing changed your life? What was the catalyst in your life to transition from an exoteric to an esoteric perception of reality? How might you still be seeing the world through the lens of exoteric materialism?




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