The Microcosm, the Macrocosm, and the Principles of Correspondence and Cause and Effect

In a previous article (from 2016) titled “Exoteric vs Esoteric Spirituality” I talked about how many spiritual teachers are focused on external actions and reality as a means of becoming more conscious, rather than on developing a rich internal world obtained through cultivating one’s thinking via shadow work, self-reflection and self-assessment, deconstructing limiting beliefs and poor logic, increasing knowledge, especially self-knowledge, conscious arguing, and processing emotional upsets as they arise. In it I detailed how exoteric (externalized) spirituality ignores the first Hermetic principle of mentalism that the Universe is mental, with all planes of existence being densities of consciousness, and exoteric spirituality also reverses cause and effect by perceiving actions as cause and internal states of being as effects. In this blog post, I will take this discussion even further and delve into the second Hermetic principle of correspondence, and how the microcosm of reality, which is not just the individual self, but also how the individual relates in the family unit and with lovers and close friends, pertains to the topic of regaining one’s personal power and becoming a sovereign spiritual being. I will also discuss how the microcosm is cause and the macrocosm is the effect, where the macrocosm is the plane of reality where corporations, collective identities, nations, religions, money, sports teams, and governments exist.

The second Hermetic principle of correspondence states,

“As above, so below; as below, so above.” ~The Kybalion

However, I will take it a step further and share other correspondences that can be extrapolated from the original maxim for further clarity and detail:

“As above, so below; as below, so above. As within, so without; as without, so within. As the microcosm, so the macrocosm; as the macrocosm, so the microcosm. As consciousness, so technology; as technology, so consciousness.”

The Hermetic principle of correspondence is essentially stating that when either plane of existence of one of the above mentioned pairs is examined consciously, that the corresponding plane of existence can be better known and understood. For example, to understand reality in higher planes of existence (above us), we can examine the plane of existence we currently reside on here in physical reality; if something is happening here in the physical plane of effects, such as ideologies that make a virtue from envy, like Marxism, then you can bet that there are beings in the spiritual planes that are also extremely envious. The Hermetic principle of correspondence relates to a computer concept called data mapping, because data from the source and target correspond to each other; you could rightly say that data mapping (below) is itself a correspondence of the universal Hermetic principle of correspondence (above).

“Data mapping is a process that involves matching fields from multiple datasets into a schema or centralized database. The goal of data mapping is to make an organization’s data more structured, cohesive, and accessible to its team or customers. It involves taking one set of data (known as the source) and assigning or mapping its destination (known as the target). Data mapping is required to transfer, ingest, process, and manage data.” ~Brave Search Summarizer (Powered by Brave AI)

It should be noted that in each correspondence the Hermetic principle of cause and effect is also baked into them, so we can examine an effect such as the “below” or the “macrocosmic” planes to trace them back to their root causes in the “above” and “microcosmic” planes of reality, which allows us to understand the causes and make course corrections. Once we make course corrections in the planes of causes such as above, internal reality,  the microcosm, and consciousness, we’ll see changes in the planes of effects such as below, external reality, the macrocosm, and technology.

“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.” ~The Kybalion

We live in a world where it appears as if the macrocosm (macro) is more powerful than the microcosm (micro), where macrocsomic entities such as governments, armies, corporations, NGO’s, and religions tell people how to live their lives, and reside as judges over them regulating their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. After all, it appears as if the standing army of a nation’s government has better and more sophisticated firepower than the average family, and could easily overwhelm them and therefore gets to tell them how to live through the threat of force/coercion. Religions use eternal destinations such as Heaven and Hell (rewards and punishments), manipulate passions using tribalistic “us vs them” sociocentric thinking, as well as leveraging their financial capacity and knowledge of how to manipulate collective psychology, in order to harness external social pressures to influence the individual and their families, to keep their followers compliant and obedient to their dictates and dogmas.

In the case where there are strong microcosmic family units of two committed parents, multiple children, and strong extended families of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, the father still may derive a large part of his identity from the macrocosm due to his profession, whether it is in the corporate world, the family business, farming, the military, investing, or other macrocosmic pursuits. This hyper focus on the macrocosm via identifying with it due to one’s profession is a karmic susceptibility and hole that predatory forces in the macrocosm can drive a big rig truck through, especially if they are submitting to the macro’s man made rules and regulations that go well beyond the scope of natural law. Individuals in the microcosm are under no obligation to continue granting their consent to man made rules and regulations that pretend to be equal to or greater than natural/universal law, and they have the right to secede and return to the law of nature when man made laws (which are actually just consensual agreements) fail them.

Legibus sumptis desinentibus, lege nature utendum est. “When laws imposed by the state fail, we must act by the law of nature.” ~Black’s Law, 2nd Edition, 1910

The problem is that if one’s identity has been constructed around their professional life due to years of schooling, societal norms, and ideas around traditional familial roles, then it is very hard to withdraw consent from something they feel is their duty and obligation as a traditionally masculine man to provide for their family. I’m not saying that providing for one’s family is a bad thing, but there are ways to do so in the microcosmic realm of causes that bleed over and overflow into the macrocosmic realm of effects; if we construct our identity around being a provider in the microcosm rather than the macrocosm, we can still provide for our families, it will just look and feel differently than how most currently do it.

I want to definitively state here that the power of the macrocosm over the individual and family unit is an illusion, a sleight of hand or trick if you will, perpetrated by the families in the microcosm that actually influence and dictate the rules to the macrocosm. Look no further to how organized crime in the form of the mafia can take over a small or large city and dictate the rules of the game, and keep politicians, police chiefs, and other bureaucrats in their back pockets, to literally get away with murder and other criminal activities. The mafia is organized into powerful microcosmic criminal families that influence the macrocosm, and while there can be competing families vying for control of a particular city, zone, or region, it is the strongest central family unit that is what influences the macrocosm the most; and the stronger the family unit (especially the individuals within that unit) the stronger their influence on the macro will be. The royal bloodlines, and blue blood families in general, are the strong central families that supposedly influence the macrocosmic world the most, dictating government policy, monetary policy, starting and managing wars, and tearing down and rebuilding societies at will, mostly in their own imperfect image.

These influential families and bloodlines know that it is in their best interests to continue to influence the countless masses who give away their power to the macrocosmic plane of existence, and therefore have come up with methodologies based upon collective psychology that keep people not only believing that the macrocosm is more powerful than the microcosm, but that also attempt to keep the people’s focus almost exclusively on the macrocosm. They program and direct humanity’s focus using the media, entertainment, and music industries, where we are fed 24/7 news cycles that exclusively report on events in the macro, as well as movies and television programs that are focused almost exclusively on the macrocosm. If events are reported on in the micro, they are likely negative, and in some way, will lead to further focus on the macro, as well as the consolidation of control by governments and other macrocosmic entities.

“No serious sociologist believes any longer that the voice of the people expresses any divine or especially wise and lofty idea. The voice of the people expresses the mind of the people, and that mind is made up for it by the group leaders in whom it believes and by those persons who understand the manipulation of public opinion. It is composed of inherited prejudices and symbols and cliches and verbal formulas supplied to them by the leaders.” ~Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda

We’re also given macrocosmic groups such as the ADL, PETA, Greenpeace, the UN, UNICEF, the WHO, the WEF, the AMA, the Red Cross, Planned Parenthood, and any number of other macrocosmic groups of moralistic busybodies intending to shame and guilt us into compliance with their puppet masters’ goals for society. They wish to keep our focus on the “greater good” of the macrocosm, which is actually the greater good of the small number of microcosmic families running the macrocosmic world, rather than the greater good of the microcosmic individual, their individual natural rights, and the family unit.

It is a well known fact that “governments derive their power and authority through the consent of the governed”, meaning that “the macrocosm derives its power and authority through the consent of the microcosm.” With this being the case, it can also be said that religions and corporations also derive their power, authority, and financial capacity to influence and rule over people in various ways due to the consent of the individuals and families in the microcosm that grant the macrocosmic entities authority over them. In the case of when centralized religions seemingly support the traditional family unit, this is not done to free the people from dogmatic group think, but to secure the continuation of the particular religion’s power, control, and influence over the lives of their adherents—it is still reversed cause and effect due to the macrocosmic religion having power over the micro through the consent of its followers. The next big thing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), is technology, and as such, is another effect (as consciousness, so technology), and of course, the designed goal is to get humanity to consent to letting unethical (or hey even ethical) AI to regulate human interaction, commerce, policing, and other governmental functions, rather than finding the law written on our hearts (Logos) from within, and going the route of sovereignty and individual autonomy.

However, the universal maxim that “governments derive their power and authority through the consent of the governed” is EXTREMELY empowering for individuals and the families that they lead, because it means that all one has to do to escape the power and authority that the macrocosm holds over them can be accomplished just by withdrawing consent and individually seceding from all agreements they might have with any so-called macrocosmic authorities, including withdrawing from all privileges they might be receiving, such as government money and/or pensions. Withdrawing consent from the macro isn’t necessarily a physical act, although that is also necessary if one is receiving any privileges and benefits from macrocosmic parties due to consent, but I would contend that it is mostly a mental and emotional withdrawal of consent, and requires the deconstruction of any and all beliefs that keep one tied into believing the macrocosm and its entities are more powerful than the microcosm, especially the belief that the macrosmic collective is more powerful than oneself, and then replacing the rulers of the macrocosm with the ruler within, the Divine Logos.

From a psychological perspective, Carl Jung called the process of seceding from the collective unconscious “individuation”. I’m not going to pretend that stating “I withdraw consent from the macrocosm to rule over me” is going to suddenly and magically do the trick and individuate a person from the collective unconscious, as the individuation process can be a long and arduous journey of staying laser focused on microcosmic events in your life, deconstructing each emotional upset, upsets that also have corresponding counterparts to events playing out in the macrocosm, and then giving your inner child all of its actual underlying needs that it didn’t receive in childhood (not the stated needs it thought it should have received, which is in itself entitled behavior by child like consciousness). It also requires that we develop a rich internal world through cultivating our thinking via shadow work, self-reflection and self-assessment, deconstructing limiting beliefs and poor logic and replacing them with multilogical thinking processes, increasing knowledge (especially self-knowledge), conscious arguing, and developing universal intellectual character traits such as humility, empathy, autonomy, integrity, courage, perseverance, and fairmindedness.

An internal monarch (one ruler, the Logos) causes external anarchy (no rulers), while internal anarchy (no rulers) causes external monarchs to rule over us. ~universal maxim

So anytime I see a spiritual teacher, the media, talking heads and pundits in the media, or other often well meaning people furthering the idea that we need collective action to wake up the masses to all of the evils in the world, or when someone is an activist intending to save such and such innocent party from such and such evil party in a collective manner, or someone wants to bring people back to a particular centralized religious authority that supports the family unit, I’m not all that interested in their externalized/exoteric “how”, because it is far away from my own internalized/esoteric understanding (why) of reality, and the solutions that I or anybody else might actually need to legitimately experience sovereign and free lives. In fact, this very article is not seeking to wake anyone up, it is merely my attempt to ground my ideas into my microcosmic reality, so that I can have a clear and concise understanding of this concept as I move forward to lead my own family and create a microcosmic reality that may eventually become strong enough to influence macrocosmic reality. I decided to take Gandhi up on his offer to “be the change you wish to see in the world” by changing my own thinking, feeling, behaviors, and outcomes to such an extent that I create and lead my family in the micro in a manner that is influential enough to create a macro reality that I can pass along to my children and children’s children, where we will all be safe, sovereign, free, and autonomous for as long as our individual and joint realities exists.

THE UNITY PROCESS: I’ve created an integrative methodology called the Unity Process, which combines the philosophy of Natural Law, the Trivium Method, Socratic Questioning, Jungian shadow work, and Meridian Tapping—into an easy to use system that allows people to process their emotional upsets, work through trauma, correct poor thinking, discover meaning, set healthy boundaries, refine their viewpoints, and to achieve a positive focus. You can give it a try by contacting me for a private session.

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    Thanks Nathan. In some small way, you have helped ‘ground my ideas into my microcosmic reality, so that I can have a clear and concise understanding of this concept as I move forward to lead my own family and create a microcosmic reality that may eventually become strong enough to influence macrocosmic reality’ !


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