How to Bend Reality to Your Will and Become Unstoppable | Moran Cerf on Impact Theory

This is an interesting discussion on free will. Hint, you get more of it the more you know yourself, and understand why you think, feel, and behave as you do. We break free from nature and nurture’s environmental variables through getting to know ourselves, and asserting our will upon what we observe about ourselves, so that we can tweak our focus to reach our full potential.

There was something Moran Cerf said in the discussion that I found quite profound, and linked to how we can change the world for the better just through the simple act of observation. He basically stated (at around the 26:00 min mark) that when we take out a memory from our past, we mix it with the mental energy from our present, so that when we put it back, our memory is effectively a hybrid from our past and present, and somewhat different than before. He said that was why therapy could help a person heal their past, because the therapist creates a safe space, brings understanding and insight, etc., to the memory through retrieving and observing it, so that when it is put back, the safety of the therapist and office, as well as the new insights and understanding, go back with the memory into its storage container.

This correlates to how those who have done enough inner work on themselves can then help heal the public/societal mind without being an activist, because they can observe certain situations with their higher understanding, and then when they put the experience/memory back into the group mind’s storage container, their insights and solutions are now inside there with it. In quantum physics and mysticism there’s an adage/axiom, “whatever is observed, changes”, and so we can observe current events and work through our own feelings about them, through brainstorming, intellectual and emotional processing, and putting pen to paper to clarify our thoughts, to affect how the public/societal mind relates to it. It is much more powerful than how dark occultists use mind control, conditioning, fear, and engineered dialectics, because it is done through an internalized means rather than through an externalized means, and therefore only requires great inner mental and emotional resources of a few individuals, rather than mass quantities of physical, social, and monetary resources, to make changes to the world.

On individuality and freewill, Sri Aurobindo had this to say:

“To be individualized in a collectivity, one must be absolutely conscious of oneself. And of which self? – the Self which is above all intermixture, that is, what I call the Truth of your being. And as long as you are not conscious of the Truth of your being, you are moved by all kinds of things, without taking any note of it all.

Collective thought, collective suggestions are a formidable influence which act constantly on individual thought. And what is extraordinary is that one does not notice it. One believes that one thinks “like that”, but in truth it is the collectivity which thinks “like that”.

The mass is always inferior to the individual. Take individuals with similar qualities, of similar categories, well, when they are alone these individuals are at least two degrees better than people of the same category in a crowd. There is a mixture of obscurities, a mixture of unconsciousness, and inevitably you slip into this unconsciousness.

To escape this there is but one means: to become more conscious of oneself, more and more conscious and more and more attentive. It is thus that gradually, slowly, with perseverance, first of all with great care and much attention, one becomes conscious, learn to know oneself and then to become master of oneself.”

~The Hidden Forces of Life – Selections from the works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

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