Multiculturalism Violates the Non-Aggression Principle

I’m as tired of some of the black and white monological Ancaps and Voluntaryists as I am of the illiberal far left. Their black and white thinking suggests an immature manner of processing information, as well as psychological conditions known as “codependency” and “splitting“.

To all of the “having borders and limiting immigration is a violation of the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP)” people out there: I have a fence around my property, and yet I have somehow still been able to abide by the NAP, how is that possible? What the NAP only people forget is that Natural Law is made up of TWO complimentary principles, the Feminine Non-Aggression Principle and the Masculine Self-Defense Principle. Healthy boundaries are the Self-Defense Principe, while respecting the boundaries of others is the NAP.

Is it a violation of the NAP to exercise Self-Defense? How is exercising self-defense of my individual or group’s property being aggressive? Is not their intrusion on my/our property the initial aggressive act? If an individual has the right to protect their property with clearly delineated boundaries, then why wouldn’t a nation of individuals also have the right to protect their group’s property with clearly delineated boundaries?

Graphic courtesy of Mark Passio’s video on the 2nd Amendment.

Enough with the black and white, monological thinking. It’s time to mature our ideas, use multilogical thinking, and look at things from other viewpoints and frames of reference, such as psychological, historical, cultural, economic, etc.  The data suggests that multiculturalism and wide open borders is psychologically harmful to all involved, and causes psychological contraction and introversion, and not expansion and connection to the greater community. Self-defense does not cause psychological harm to others, but protects oneself from all forms of harm, including psychological harm, aka, self-defense protects oneself from aggression. Therefore, multiculturalism is aggression, and a violation of my person and property.

A presentation on the data that suggests that multiculturalism is psychologically harmful to individuals of all cultures:

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A presentation on how individual boundaries relate to national boundaries:

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