On Sovereignty | Deep Code Experiments: Episode 10

This is an excellent and thought provoking discussion.

Jordan Hall’s three aspects of sovereignty are basically the first three of the Liberal Arts, also known as the Trivium; grammar, logic, and rhetoric. Grammar corresponds to knowledge, logic corresponds to understanding, and rhetoric corresponds to wisdom; knowledge asks what, where, when, and who questions, understanding asks why questions, and wisdom asks how questions. In this system, at least from what we’ve found, is that wisdom (how/right action) is the natural outgrowth of having properly developed sufficient knowledge and understanding, without any contradictions. Many people act before they’ve gained enough knowledge and understanding, and before they’ve worked through any possible contradictions that may reside within their thinking, which causes them to experience imbalanced and often detrimental manifestations.

This is also the formula for the truth:

  • knowledge + understanding (multilogic) – contradictions = wisdom (truth)
  • impartial, distorted, or hidden knowledge + contradictions – understanding (logical fallacies & monologic) = folly (lies)

I really enjoyed this and other videos from Jordan Hall, and look forward to listening to more of of his thoughtful discussions.

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