The Problem with Blame

Blame is a big problem in the world, and we see a lot of it from the political left when they blame rich people, white people, men, bigots, homophobes, transphobes, anti maskers, anti science, etc., and at it’s core is envy, what Nietzsche called “ressentiment”. It doesn’t solve anything, it just interrogates and tears things down, deconstructs them, but has no creative drive, and doesn’t offer any meaningful solutions. Unfortunately, I’ve seen this problem creep into the domain of the political right more recently, and the truth movement has also succumbed to this pathological trait by blaming the government, politicians, NGO’s, so-called capitalists (actually corporatists), corporate monopolies, big tech, greedy oil companies, leftist nuts, state sponsored pedophiles, twitter mobs, secret societies, you get the point, and they are doing so with a high degree of resentment/envy in their tone. While they may provide a somewhat accurate diagnosis of problems, looking for causes and correcting them in a meaningful way through creativity is different than looking for causes and being resentful of and attacking them—the former takes ownership and responsibility, while the latter lacks personal power.

Here’s the thing, if you’re in resentment, it doesn’t matter anymore who the object of your resentment is, whether it is logical to be angry with them or not, you’re in envy, and it is a destructive emotion that is eating you alive from the inside out. To participate in the blame game is just as destructive to those on the political right as it is to those on the political left, so I advise everyone to be cautious when diagnosing problems in your life and the world around you, because you’ll get sucked into perpetuating the same psychological pattern that’s currently eating away at Western culture. When you are looking at what you see as the causes for the problems in your life and world, rather than focusing on them through the lens of blame, look at them through the lens of creativity, and use the bad things you experience in your life and world as an opportunity to create meaningful solutions, especially solutions that apply to your own personal experience. Look at the solutions you’ve created, as well as the good things already in your life, with a heart filled with gratitude for where you and yours already are, and where you are heading together.

Will you focus on blame, resentment, and envy without providing any meaningful solutions, or will you be aware of the problems in your life and world, and focus on meaningful solutions, gratitude, and creativity to make your personal world a better place? In short, will you be a victim fighting an endless array of villains, or will you be a creator who overcomes your challenges?

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